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Spirit Animal

DSC_5682.jpgI am not a fan of the gawker crowd.  The people that gather in the masses to stare at the animals, because this is all new to them and they know that it is a rare opportunity.  I get why they do it, but as I said-they usually gather in the masses and make it hard to get to views of the animals.  However, with that said…if it wasn’t for the gawker crowd, I would miss out on some of the beauties.  When you are alone and driving, it is not always easy to see the bear that is further down the hill or the beautiful coyote that is running along  relentlessly.

I probably would have seen her eventually, but had it not been for the car that had stopped to watch her, I might not have seen her as in time to catch some of the moments I witnessed.   I probably also would have missed the fact that she sneaked up behind me when I thought I had lost her in the field.  So, I am always thankful for the gawkers, but more so when they disperse and it is just me and the beautiful beast.

With that said, this beautiful beast was running down one of the main roads in the Grand Tetons.  She was relentlessly moving, searching.  She would only stop briefly.  Some of the shots that will come later, well, those would be the longest she held still.  This series is the firs time I’ve been able to truly catch a coyote.  Normally, they are on the run, too far away, or I’m so baffled that they are there that it takes me a second to realize it and by then it is just too late.

This is also the first time that I found myself in an animal.  That sounds weird, but I just can’t think of words I’d rather use.  This whole trip, I just kept waiting for that ah-ha, relishing moment that I’ve had on my other trips.  The first time was the deer on Little Devil’s Tower Trail, then the mountain goat, the buffalo that followed me.  Moments that just left me feeling light and airy, refreshed, hopeful.  I just hadn’t experienced it yet and honestly…I never really did, but this girl…I found I related with what I saw.

It was the fact that she was running endlessly, tirelessly, searching.   Maybe she knows why, maybe she doesn’t.  I’m sure she did.  In her case she was searching for food, fuel…I would think it would be safe to assume.  Me…I’m still searching for the fuel I think.  That is a story for another time, a cup of tea, and a conversation of deep and philosophical revelations.

I am not ready to share my favorite photos of her.  Just this one for now.  I did very minimal editing to it.  I needed to be minimal with it.  That is all I will say for now.  I hope that you like it.

Until the next time, I have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography


This Guy….

DSC_0862 (3).jpgOne of two.   I posted a close-up a while back.  I didn’t see this one, so hopefully it is not a repost.  But what if it is?  It is a nice shot and he is beautiful standing there in the light of the early morning hours.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Too Hot….

DSC_6342Or too tired. I’m not sure what this little guy’s deal was.  I have more of him, but this is the one that is ready to share.

I had stopped to check out a trail, which ended up being WAY longer than I had the motivation and time to hike.  He hopped to the sign and just sat there.  No matter how close I got to him, he just stayed.  Or she.  I’m glad he did, it made for some amazing shots.  At least ones that I enjoyed.  Hope you do too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Back In My Day….

DSC_3248We didn’t have any video games to play.  All we had was sticks and we had to make up our own games.  You kids today just do not know how easy you have it….or bad (depending on how you look at it).  Or something of that nature.

In  my day, we didn’t have the video games like they do now.  We had Atari and then Nintendo, but we still spent more time outside than kids today (at least a lot of kids).  To each their own. I personally would rather be outdoors.  The things you can see.
DSC_3250DSC_3251Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography