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‘Tis the Season

DSC_4472Wedding season.

I could post more vacation and photos, because believe me I have no shortage of those, but I’m going to take a break for a moment.  Partly, because I have such a vast amount of them that I do not know where to start nor really the best way to go about it.  The other part is because yesterday I was able to photograph a wedding.  I also may feel a little guilty about my last post as it was a bit of something.  I don’t know.

With that said, change of pace because I also have a lot wedding photos to get edited.
DSC_4441I was actually reading another blogger and he was talking about change.  First, I admire is photography and writing.  I wish I could write like that. I use to write like that, but over time I have become lazy and rusty.  Time never allows for much of it and motivation started to fade with lack of support.  All of that combined led to the laziness and rustiness I mentioned.

I am constantly thinking about how I ended up where I am; especially, when looking at couples.  42 and single is definitely not where I thought that I would be.  There is a long list of things that I didn’t think would be when I turned 42, but mainly single.  Love is something that seems to be a given for everyone…but me.  It has always seemed to eluded me.

I could ponder why.  Most will say that it is because I haven’t met the right one.  One friend told me that even though she was happily married, I was better of never being or getting married because it just isn’t worth it.  Only a portion of that was her exact wording, I was stuck on the part where she could be happily married and yet seemingly against it at the same time.  Everyone has such a different vision of love and marriage.

These two have been together for several years.  Over 2000 plus days, from my understanding.  A lot of up and downs, heartbreaks.  To me that says a lot right there.  Not a lot of people can say that and these two are young.  I think from what I know that they have been through, not a lot will break them.  I do realize that people change and that things between people change, but I am pulling for them.

I am not sure how I feel about doing weddings.  The lovey dovey and what not.  I think it is because when you don’t have it and you want it, watching everyone else get it-well, it just makes it a bit cringe worthy.  I am hoping that it was it is and that I’m not some Scrooge when it comes to love.  My family wasn’t huge on showing affection when I was younger and so certain displays of emotion elude me.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t like romance and all that jazz.  Actually, I’m not sure what it really means.

I don’t mind doing small weddings.  I actually met these two while photographing my friend’s wedding back in 2017.  However, doing weddings for people you know is different than doing it for people you don’t.   I have only photographed four weddings.  The first one was a daughter for a friend at the time.  Then two sets of friends, and then this couple…a growing friendship and they live behind me.  So, I don’t know.  It changes things a bit when you do a wedding for people you know and are comfortable around.

Anyway, I don’t mind doing small weddings. At least so far.  The thought of doing an overly large wedding is a bit nerve racking, but I think I could handle it.  I would hope.  I also think that marriage is worth it.  That is with the right person.  I know that I’m not alone there.  It is a beautiful thing.  Seeing people in love and that truly care for each other, do anything for each other.  I’m glad that I was chosen to help capture that them.  I’m also very sorry that got so sappy.  That was an unexpected, unintentional turn of events.  DSC_4466I might have a little Scrooge in me when it comes to lovey, dovey love as that sap I just spilled made me a bit nauseous.  Either way, I still like to hope that the day will come when I, too, get to walk down the aise with some cowboy who’s willing to spend my days with me.  That little sappy tree hugger in me likes to think that there is someone for us all.

With that said, I must call it day.  There is work to do and pictures to edit.  I hope that you like the pictures I’ve posted so far.  The bride is happy.  Now off to finish getting through the rest.

Live, laugh, love, and let it ride.

December Weddings

DSC_07002.jpgI will be sharing more over time, but for now…just the one. One of the bride and groom’s favorite.  They got married just shy of a week ago.  A December wedding.

The bride was a friend of mine. My concert partner.  We’ve known each other for years. It always makes me nervous doing weddings and so far I’ve only done one stranger’s wedding and she was a stranger, her mother was not. So far, all wedding parties have been satisfied which makes me incredibly happy.  I think that as far as weddings go.  This one is second best.  Both of the last two were improvements over the first, but each had their own good moments and their own bad moments. I think that is probably true for all photographers and any photo shoot.

We will see over time if I can continue to improve. I hope so, that is my intent.  I plan on focusing a bit more on my photography this year. I think that I’ve said that before.  I am trying to buy things that will benefit me in that category.  Small, affordable things.  The big thing that I want, I am setting money aside for that.  I’m trying to set money aside for a lot of things….I have a lot of cheap wine dreams and a pond water budget, so we will see what 2018 has in store for me.

One of the things that I bought was an external flash.  I had one before, but it was extremely cheap.  Batteries died quickly.  It would stay positioned correctly and I’m not sure where it has gone anyways.  I’ve not seen it in quite a while.  This one is a better quality and I’ve really loved some of the shots that it has provided.  I used it somewhat during the wedding.  I was allowed to use it during the ceremony, which I quickly decided against because it makes this annoying beeping noise when settings change….yeah, really need to figure out how to shut that off.  I can also adjust other settings on it, which the other did not do.  It was interesting playing around with it and figuring out what worked and what did not work, but I also amuse easily.

As for this shot.  It is my first ring shot.  Rings without hands, I mean.  I’ve never had the guts to ask a bride and groom for the rings so that I could do this.   It still isn’t exactly what I wanted, but they like it and I need to remember that as long as the bride and groom are happy. The ones receiving the pictures…that is really all that matters.

With that said, I’m happy with this shoot.  I’m happy that they trusted me with it.  It seemed there were a couple of relatives that may have questioned my ability, but that could have just been their personality.  I digress though. It was not them that I was completely worried about impressing.  I’m happy with the shots I got. I am. I just would have been happier if I’d bought back up batteries for my flash.  That, though, is a story for another day.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography