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Rainy Day

DSC_0550 (2).jpgNothing like a rainy day.  Unless you are on vacation and it rains the majority of the time.  We’ve all been there at one time or another.  We do what we can to make the best of it.

I started my trip out in the Badlands (Badlands National Park).  I want to say that it was great like last year, but third time is not a charm.  The campground that I stayed at had and influx of campers and was full every night.  Every time I turned around I was running into people or could hear them.  It was so windy that my tent tried to fly away a couple of times.  Once with me in it.  Yeah, I ended up sleeping in my car.

The last day there it rained so bad that the dirt road to the campground was horrible. Muddy, slippery.  No matter how slow you went-there was slipping and sliding.   There are some steep curves with some deep dips.  You feel like you are on a roller coaster almost on your side.  When the road is muddy and you are sliding…not so much fun.  I ended up having a horrible panic attack; especially, since I cannot see the well in the dark. I turned around in slept in one of the lots where back country hiking is allowed.

With that I also decided that once you’ve seen the Badlands, four days is really too long to stay there.  I headed to Custer State as soon as I could, but I was exhausted. My usual campground was not open even though it was supposed to be.  There was an influx of campers there as well and they were a rude and inconsiderate bunch.  I never did get a good night’s sleep and it rained off and on the first several days.

It was not the trip that I imagined, but looking bad…it served a purpose.  I won’t dive into that at this time. I’ve already written too much.  Alas, you do get a bit of wordiness to continue.

For the most part, there was blue skies and just this vibrant and lively rolling green and red hills.  It was the most beautiful I’ve seen the park in the my three visits.  I guess this is what happens when a park gets caught up in the wildfire.  Still, the second I was ready to hike…it would rain.  I didn’t want to walk away from this trip with ill feelings and so I was bound and determine to make the most out of it.

The greenness and the fires, they had me all about a different type of photograph journey.  I am always all about the animals, but this time I was also about that scenery, those trees, and those roads.  With it being rainy, I think it made for some great pics and this is one of them.

I altered it just a bit, but I wanted to deliver this to deep, moody kind of look. I don’t know what I mean by that, but I had this vision and this picture fits the bill.  It is kind of rainy (It is actually raining in this photo) and it is kind of gloomy with that glistening bit of light fighting to shine through.  At least I hope that is what you see.  I also hope that you like it.

With that lengthy ramble, I will bid adieu.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Misty Morning….

DSC_7170It was a cold, windy, and rainy morning in the Badlands.  Most of the time spent in the Badlands (not to be confused with Custer State Park) was windy.   Sunny at first, but windy none the less.  On this particular morning, I chose to drive to the nearest town and grab some breakfast. I saw this tree and it was perfect.

Perfect for what I do not know, but I just loved the way that it looked in the misty, foggy morning.  I hope that you do too.  Quick side note, I did very minimum to editing of this photo. I loved it just the way it was.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Heart of a Gypsy….

DSC_8936c1.jpgGypsy Vanner that is.  The Dude.  That is his name, The Dude.  I believe named for that movie with Jeff Bridges.  The Great Lebowski or something like that.  I cannot honestly say that I’ve ever seen that movie, but I believe that is the origin of this boy’s name.  He is definitely a dude.  That cockiness.  Him in all his beauty, what else can you say?  Dude.

I don’t know how I feel about this picture.  I took it in the rainy mist of yesterday morning.  Rainy mist that turned in to pouring down rain.  I struggled with photographs yesterday.  I’ve been struggling all week.  I was under the weather all last week and it took a toll on my art and my desire there of.  Strange how that works.

The good thing about being sick, or whatever I was. It really kept me off the computer for the most part.  A break that I cannot seem to take otherwise.  It also helped me lose that extra five pounds that I had been struggling with. Benefits of wanting to do literally nothing other than sleep.  So, I really cannot complain too much.  Silver lining.

Hope you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography