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Wish I Was Cat…

DSC_2779Or a wall or something that didn’t have to make any major decisions.  Right now, I’m tapped out and my stress is beyond what it normally is.

For those that have attended art shows either as patrons or as artist, I need some advise.

The art show in July, it is simple…I know that I can only take three photos, they must be framed, and they must ready to hang.  Simple enough.  I like simple. I like not having to make any real decisions. I mean, I already know which photos that I would like to take.

The same goes for the exhibition at the local community college (that coincides with the September art show).  Two pieces, framed, and ready to hang.  Simple. I know which two pieces that I would like to take.

As for the September show…not so simple and everyone that has a million opinions of what I should do, what I should take, and blah-blah-blah.  It is stressing me out like no other because the truth is, my funding is limited but I do want to make an impression.

Frame them. Don’t frame them. Mat them. Don’t mat them.  Don’t take big sizes. Take lots of standard sizes.  Take animal pictures that is what will sell. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Do this. Do that.  None of which is actually coming from anyone that has participated in an art show.  Not that I’m not grateful for the input, but….wow.

So, with that said.  Do I frame them? Do I not frame them?  I get that people tend to refrain from framed things because they want to be able to pick their own.  There are also a lot that do not.  I get that people do not necessarily want to buy large pieces.  I get that there should be small pieces for the frugal buyer.  Price them at this. Price them at that.  All this information and no actual help.  What I do know is that things cost money, when you don’t have a lot of it….it adds up so quickly and goes even faster.

I knew that doing this art show was not going to be cheap.  I’m not that naive, but I do believe that I can do it within my budget.  It is just a matter to what extent.  And whether I buy precut mats, frame them, don’t frame them…with the printing of the pictures, the building of my displays, entry fees…on top of everything else.  It all adds up quickly.

I know for sure that I have to have eight pictures.  Whatever I submitted to be juried, I have to take it to the show.  Beyond that the details are sparing and up to the artist.  What are some your thoughts and/or suggestions?  I welcome and appreciate any input.

As for the picture.  It is Sass.  I was bored and I had this picture sitting in a file I was going through. I decided to play with it.  I don’t hate it. Hope that you don’t either.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography