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Colors of Fall

DSC_6147I know that I have been gone a while.  It was not intentional, it just was.  I reached a level of lull that I just couldn’t seem to shake.  I actually went to write this post a couple of weeks ago when I actually took these pictures, but I wanted to write. I miss writing…I know that I have said that before, but I do.

Anyway, I wanted to write. I didn’t really know what to write, there are a million thoughts in my head and therefore I wrote nothing.  I posted nothing.  DSC_6124I am not going to lie….2018 has not been my best year.  It has had a some good moments, but it has been a far worse year than most.  I have been trying so hard to find the light, but it has been hard.  I turn 42 in two weeks and each passing year weighs on me a little bit more.

So many people I know spend a lot of time talking about their anxiety, their depression, and all that.  I don’t.  I know that I have mentioned it a time or two, but the actual depth-I Have not.  No one wants to hear that.  Maybe there are, but most don’t and that is okay.
DSC_6116It is time for a change.  Something that I have also said time and time before.  Now that change is crucial.  No one should feel like they are just being passed by or even just fading away.  No one should feel unfulfilled.  Empty.  Passion and fire is a must, I think.  For a fulfilled life.  Fire and passion.  DSC_6113
When I took these photos, the zone and I were under two trees.  They are fairly close to each and their branches were just full of leaves.  Yellow and orange and reddish.  The colors of fall.  The colors of fire and passion.

The only sun that showed through these trees was when the wind blew and the branches swayed a bit.  The leaves would just fall and so many of them at the time.  It was just beautiful and serene.  For a moment, I forgot about everything else.  My mind was not running a hundred miles per minute and it was just one with nature.
DSC_6106The leaves are gone now.  Winter has officially set in.  I don’t know what will happen over the next few weeks.  What the new year will bring.   I know what I would like to happen, but really it can only be taken one day at a time.   One falling leaf at a time.

As for the pictures. I hope that you enjoy them.  It is the first time in a long time that I have touched my camera and these pictures required little to no editing.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography


Entry 610

DSC_0695Entry 610: A buffalo stands off in the distance. I passed him a while back, he did not notice. He stood there with a bird upon his back. I am closer now, must take pictures. He will be none the wiser.

I stopped, had to change my lens. The bird flew away and now the buffalo faces me. His gaze fixated on me as if to make sure that I made no sudden movements. I was not close enough to capture his attention. I had no made no noise. So, how did he know that I was there. Sixth sense? Animal sense? It was probably the prairie dogs. Of course they ratted me out. Damn prairie dogs. DSC_0701I stood my ground. He stood his. I snapped my picture and now he is turning his back towards me. The threat has clearly been lifted. Either that or he feels I’m too far away to make it worth an effort. Guess I will carry on my way.

Thank you, Mr. Buffalo.DSC_0723

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Been Awhile….

DSC_5942HI, all.  I know that it seems like it has been forever since my last post.  I cannot even remember when.  I know that I could look, but it will confirm what we already know.  It has been quite a while.

My brain has been so overwhelmed that it has been a bit difficult to concentrate.  I’ve not touched my camera in well over a month.  I’ve not really edited any new photos.  It has been something, but I will not whine.


Since my last post, I’ve successfully completed my first major art show.  Though, it was not my first…it was the biggest out of the three.  I am quite happy with the outcome.  It was non-stop from the time that the show started.  I didn’t sell any of my big pieces, but I was selling so many smaller pieces that eventually I lost count and was shocked when I counted my earnings.  I didn’t bring back my actual investment, but the amount I did clear was much higher than I ever anticipated.  There was so much positive feedback and several people came back around a couple of times.  Cards were taken, so we shall see.

I know that my investment will not have to be as much next year, but I’m unsure whether I will be submitting an entry for it.  Part of me wants to and the other part struggles.  A year seems so far away and unlike this year…well, I’m unsure what next year holds in store.

This month I will be a vendor a charity event for one of the therapy barns, Courage Rock.  Two of the horses from the farm, Acers and Gracie Bay, now reside there.  Kim is an amazing woman and her program is designed to bring horses and vets together to therapeutic healing.   I’m looking really forward to setting up there and I hope to bring in enough revenue to make a decent donation to the Courage Rock program.  I am staying positive.  DSC_5950Next on my agenda is finishing school.  I have just three weeks remaining for this class and then just two more classes before I complete my bachelors.  With that said, I’ve been working my grad school applications.  Personal statements are a requirement for the schools that I’m considering it and they all require multiple parts…..they’re taking a bit to get done.  That is good, though. I’m actually putting thought into them and not rushing.  I hope that it has a successful outcome.

I think that is about it for news on my end.  As for the picture. I went to a buffalo ranch here in Indiana.  It is a family owned business and one of the children is a Hippotherapist out at the farm.  This beautiful girl is her brother’s horse.  Her name is Chase and she is the most beautiful and loving thing.  She’s a Rocky Mountain and just purely to enjoy and admire.  There is something wrong with her leg(s) that prevents her from being rideable, but I don’t remember all the details.

Anyway, that is all that is going on in my world. I hope yours is a bit more entertaining and that you enjoy the pictures.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

The Faces of Red….

DSC_5073The beautiful and incredibly sweet Red.  The only quarter horse in his family.  His brother and sister are both Connemaras, but that is okay-he’s a special guy.  23ish I think. Somewhere around there.

DSC_5088I am undecided as to which photo is my favorite.  One of the two head shots for sure. I hope that you find one that you like.  DSC_5090Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Always Incredible

DSC_5046The always incredible Mr. H.  Actually, it is HP (Hocus Pocus, but no one calls him Hocus Pocus).  HP, the Rocky Mountain Horse.  HP, the Rocky Mountain that apparently missed the memo that he was supposed to be a certain size.   DSC_5051I suppose there is an exception to every rule.  It seems like several of the horses out at the farm didn’t get the memo.  Sir Duke, the haflinger.  The Dude. HP. Aidan.  Probably a couple of others as well.  All a bit off “size” for their breed…oh well, they’re all beautiful.  And HP, well, he’s about as photogenic as they come.  DSC_5052He never disappoints and I hope that you agree.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_5071Montana Rose Photography


DSC_5125I have been a way a while. I know this.  It has been a struggle to get back to things.  Do not worry, this won’t be some woe is me post. At least that is not its intent.  It is also not to make my issues sound more than anyone else.  No.  We all have our problems. Are hardships and our heartaches. We all have some kind of ailment and not for a second would I try to say otherwise nor would I for a second pretend mine our greater.  Mine are pretty mediocre, but like a lot of people…the little things can feel like the weight of the world as they pile up.  That is just how it is.

With that said, I was going to try and write some deep and symbolic post.  One that just makes people say, “wow.”  But the truth is, that just seems pointless.  I speak what is on my mind and people will take away what it is that they need to take away.  Trying to dictate my words in such a way that it is thought provoking…well, it is usually detrimental to the point on hand.  It usually takes away and makes my head hurt.  The best method, which should go without saying, is to just type what comes and let it flow as is.   Once upon a time, I was a pretty intelligent person whom could write like no one’s business.  I would like to think that somewhere in there…..that girl still exist.

I’ve said time and time again how I am always trying to conform to what people think and what they want.  I do it in order to find a way to connect to people, because that is something that  I have been horrible at.  Something that I grow even worse at as time passes by.  I suppose this is what happens when you become a wallflower because you have allowed people’s words to get to you.  We have all been there at some point in time, so we all know what I’m talking about.

Daily I look for ways to change my situation.  Change the way that people view me, but all that I keep coming back to is that I have to be true to myself.  This, again, should go without saying.  We have to be who we are in order to feel complete and content.  When we try to change who we are, it can often be debilitating; especially, if what we are trying to change…is not something that truly needs to be changed.  My thing…honesty.  Most people do not like complete honesty…at all. They say that they do, but no one really wants to hear it.  Me….I may not want to hear it, but I will take it and I definitely do nothing but speak it.  Unless of course you are some guy with gold teeth, dreads, and a Bob Marley t-shirt hitting on me in the movie theater parking lot.  Then it is possible, that I may tell a little lie like that I’m married and waiting on my husband.  True story…but in my defense, he wouldn’t leave me alone.  The point is, I am nothing if I cannot do what is right for me and who I am.  This is true for all of us…and we all know this.
DSC_5144I think that this is why I am fascinated with these pictures of Sassles….because that is exactly what cats do.  They not let humans dictate to them how to behave.  They are strong and fierce. They are independent and they choose whether they want to be lovable or if they want someone to get bent.  Sassles is no different.  She often meows like she wants attention, but she will either walk away or she will let you get a few strokes in and then she’s done.  I also think these pictures look amazing.  She looks amazing.

And as always, I got distracted and lost my train of thought.  Go figure.  As for the pictures, they speak for themselves. I hope that you like them.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography