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Burn It….

DSC_2393Burn it to the ground….not literally, because that would be a crime.

I had actually started another project, a non-photography project, that didn’t work out the way that I wanted it to.  It made me realize that I may not have what it takes to be a crafty and artistic in that way.  I can always envision things, but I can rarely, rarely bring them to fruition.  Sometimes, I can bring to life something else that is bearable, but rarely the original vision.

I keep trying, though.   I guess that it is really what counts, so they say.

I wanted to represent something.  Rising from the ashes.  Burning away the negative.  Burning away all the horrible things.  Burning of something that needs to be given up.  Something that cannot be let go of, because there was no closure and no answers.  Something like that.

It’s been so long since I began this post (I may have gotten distracted) that I’ve lost my train of thought.  Either way, I hope that you like this picture.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
~SMH, Montana Rose Photography~

Journal Entry #310

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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” ~Plutarch~


The restoration. Using fire to recover from fire. Irony at its finest.

Fire destroyed parts of this land and now it is being used to purify for new growth. I find that fascinating.  That we use fire to both destroy and to purify.  I also have to admit that I kind of love that fact.  I’ve always had a soft spot for fire.  Not in a pyromaniac kind of way, but in a wow, fire is amazing” kind of way.   Hmm…now I think about that, I guess that is exactly the kind of thing that a pyromaniac would say.

Seriously, though….fire.  That is something. I have a thing for powerful things that can be destructive and beautiful at the same time.  Maybe it is because fire is my element sign.  I mean, if you are into that kind of thing.

I was born in November and my element sign is fire.  According to most sites, this means that I have a fiery temper…that’s fair.  Lively wit….truth.  And a quick intelligence…Seems accurate.  It also says that I’m creative and spirited, but to be forewarned when I am hot-tempered.  Truth be told, I can’t argue with any of it really.

I also like the smell of fire.  There is something about the smell of burning wood.  Bonfires. Forest fires.  Hmm….maybe I am a pyromaniac.  That could explain why I’m constantly burning cupcakes, but those do not smell near as good as burning wood.  Burning wood. Is that a song?  It should probably be a song.

Actually, I can’t possibly be a pyromaniac.  I can’t even get a campfire started.  I mean, like seriously.   I can’t even catch charcoal on fire. I’m clearly doing something wrong.  I like trees. Why would I want to catch them on fire. I wouldn’t be able to hug them or cling on to them, when I wear out after that 1.25 miles of a steep incline hike.  Nope, that’s it.  I renounce my pyromaniac tendencies.  Accept for catching cupcakes on fire.  Until I get use to my oven and baking again, I’ll probably continue to do that.

I’ll save the bonfires and campfires for my friends to start for me.  It’d be my luck, I’d just catch myself on fire anyway.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography