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Sir Duke….

38005563_10155723986830998_5716868725315993600_oI rarely post photos that I have taken on my phone, but I couldn’t resist these.  I took these today as I was finishing up at the farm.  38137323_10155723986845998_3543405803690000384_oSir Duke was standing in his stall and the sun was reaching dusk status so it was shining through his window.  I had just finished raking the aisle way to his stall and so there was dust swirling around.  It was a perfect scene.  38271010_10155723986840998_1130188715155521536_oNaturally, I didn’t have my actual camera and so I had to use my phone.  I don’t know if it depicts the scene I was wanting it too, but I like them and hope you do too.  38131544_10155723986860998_6991746904329551872_oAnd it would be Sir Duke, if he didn’t add a little bit of this…whatever this is.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

The Cunning Aidan

DSC_4101The other day, you met his sister Lucky.   Today, you meet the grey stud.  Well, actually he’s a gelding, but just the same.  Look at that studly face.  DSC_4112bwHe’s also a Connamara pony…he just didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to be pony size. I’m not sure of his actual height, but he is clearly taller than his sister.  That is okay, he’s a beauty.  A grey beauty.  That took me a bit to understand.  How he was considered grey.  Even as they explained it, it just baffled me.

DSC_4115bwIt’s all about the skin tone and the skin tone under that silky hair of his is blackish making his coat grey.  It’s more obvious now that summer is here, but when I first met him, I couldn’t see it.  They are considered white if their skin is pink underneath their coat.  I am getting it now…mainly because the grey is more obvious now.


Mr. Aidan is about as patient as his sister.  Neither like having to stand in the barn. Who can blame them?  They love knowing what is going on and being front and center.   Aidan will stomp and rear, neigh and paw…whatever it takes to get attention.  They love treats and being loved on.  I’m happy to do both.  DSC_4082

These are some of my favorite pictures so far.  I wish I had gone a bit higher on the shutter speed, but I think that it works.  He looks amazing.  I also love that he actually wears a rope halter, because it was a lot easier to shop out.  There are a couple of areas that were difficult to perfect, but I don’t think that the flaws stand out too much.  At least I hope not.  What I do hope is that you like them too.
DSC_4088bwHave a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Lucky Girl….

Her name is Lucky and she is about as feisty as they come.  Up until a couple of months ago, she had only ever knew one home.  She had been born and raised there along with her brother Aiden.  The owner of the barn chose to get out of the bordering business, so their mother brought them to the stable.  I’m glad she did. We do know how I love horsies.

Lucky and Aidan are Connemara ponies.  According to my search, they originated off in Ireland and they are known for versatility and good disposition.  Their mama might argue their good disposition, though.  I kid, neither had been worked for a bit and they are a bit on the younger side.

Lucky has Aidan and Red, Red is a quarter horse ( I believe).  She doesn’t like being separated from them and she lets you know it.  She also doesn’t take too kindly to the other horses getting too close, but they have made themselves at home. Lucky and the boys are fitting in just fine.  I’m happy for that.

As for the pictures, I’d like a do over.  They’re good, but I couldn’t remember what I had my shutter speed set on the last time and went a little low this time.  It shows more in Aidan’s pics than with Lucky’s, but she stood a bit more still.  She was all about the modeling.  I would also like to work on shopping out the halters.  I did it on Aidan’s, but Lucky’s was a bit harder to avoid distorting areas that I felt should be defined.  I don’t know…I like them just the same and hope that you do as well.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

The Boys

Crystal’s brothers, HP and Bo.  They seem a little closer now that she’s gone.  They also both get fed now and they take advantage of it.  They also take advantage of the fact that I give them treats.  I absolutely adore them.  Beautiful boys.

I’ve been working on my black background photos.  I don’t know if I will ever be one that can make the pictures that some make with them, but that is okay.  I’m all about dancing to my own drum these days and people are either going to like it or they’re not.  I’m no longer going to let that rust my spurs.  With that said, I do hope that you like them.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Run Free, Beautiful Girl….

DSC_78802She may not have been mine, but I adored this girl.  Today, she was put to rest due to colic.  I was not there, it is my day off.  I was texted and informed. I didn’t really know what to say.  My emotions are a little drained and I’m a little over bad news.  Here’s to 2018 so far.  I refuse to let this set the tone for the year.

I’m glad that I have these photos and the others that just didn’t seem to fit what I wanted to convey right now.  Her beauty. Her orneryness.  I always pictured her as one of those horses running through the mist of a canyon valley with a Native American princess upon her back. Both of them running free and being wild as can be.  I know that is what she’s doing now.   Run free, beautiful girl. Run free.
Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

If all…

DSC_0465The snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes, oh what a snow that would be or something like something.  If you have ever once heard that song, it is now stuck in your head…you are welcome.

I’m pretty sure that this is Phoebe’s dismay at having her photo taken, though.  Oh well, it makes me smile and it wouldn’t be a photo shoot if at least one animal did not stick its tongue out.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography


DSC_04702bw2Jay and Gordy.  Two of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in a while. I think all horses tend to be beautiful.  Some more than others, but there is something about these two.  Unfortunately, Jay won’t be staying at the farm.  She is still too green and won’t work for what they need her for.  From a business perspective it makes sense. I have to keep telling myself that, but I hate to see her go and hope that she is able to find a good home.

She will be going back to the thoroughbred rescue she came from in Pennsylvania.  They have crazy stipulations for their adopters, but that can be good for the horses. Sadly, we will never know but here’s to hoping for the best for this beautiful girl.  I’d take her if I could.  Cheap wine dreams.

It is the moments like this though that make me realize  I’ll probably never be able to do “horse business”.  Where you have to make decisions whether it is financially feasible to keep a  horse.   I want to keep them all. Every dog. Every cat. Every horse. If I could afford it, I’d have a ranch full of animals.  A town full of animals.  How crazy would that be?

As for this picture.  I’m still working on the black background.  This picture, it was not taken in a barn. It was taken in the run-ins during the Christmas Eve snow.  The background was perfectly exposed, so I played with it.  I like how it looks.  I’m sure that it is not as natural as some of those other black background pics, but I like it just the same. Hope that you do too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.