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The Boo

DSC_2792.jpgI love this cat.  I will miss this cat.  He’s not gone, but I do not know if I will get to see him after Wednesday.  My safe place is no longer that.  It is not that I feel endangered, but everything it offered me was taken away in a minute by someone that felt a little too comfortable around me.  Now, I am at a loss as to what to do.

All I ever really wanted to do was be at a place where I could spend time with horses (and other animals if available) and ride.  That is all I wanted.  It wore on me, because the two jobs I was going seven days a week with no breaks in-between.  That would wear on anyone…even if it was something that they enjoyed.

The farm was my “safe” place. It was wear I could go and just be me. I rarely see anyone and I rarely have to deal with anyone.  It eased my stress. It eased my anger. It eased my mind and I always found a way to be content.   Now because of boos (not me, I do not drink), someone was too comfortable and made my safe place, uncomfortable and awkward.  Even in the sober light, it was only made worse.  Part of me knows that I should probably walk away, but the other part truly aches at not being able to see the animals anymore.  Then there is the brain part of me that reminds me, I need the money and if I have to work two jobs….that is what I would rather being doing..working at the farm that is.

However, to stay in a situation like that.  Where I am now uncomfortable and feel awkward.  Even slightly fearful of what will become of the situation once embarrassment shifts into shame.  I just want to work, spend time with the animals, and move on with my day.  But now my day is also filled with anxiety and discontent as I think of all the things.  Even what I did to provoke the moment.  They were just words, but what did I do to indicate that it would even be acceptable to approach me?  I have to admit that I am a bit naive, apparently.  Trying to always believe that things are innocent. I feel like I really should have known better and that is my fault for putting myself in a position where it could even happen.  My friend said that it is not, but I am not so sure.

I get it now.  Maybe that was the lesson.  To be more sympathetic to certain causes.  Not that I was insensitive, but probably not as sensitive as I should be.  I don’t know.  All I know is that my stomach is a pit. My heart aches a bit.  And I’m over 2018 and it is only May.  Maybe I will feel better when I return from South Dakota, but I don’t know.  Only time will tell.

Thank you for reading my plight. I hope that you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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Lord, Won’t You….

DSC_1803.jpgBuy me a pony of my own.  I know that is not how it goes, but I’ve never had the need for a Mercedes Benz and I’ve already got a colored TV.  I’m also pretty sure if this particular Janis Joplin could sing she’d actually be asking for more hay or feed or even just a cookie.  I adore her.  She’s just too stinkin’ cute.  I call her buggy, but her name is Janis Joplin.  Sing it loud, Ms. Janis.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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DSC_9510c2Jay.  Her original name is JK. I cannot remember her registered name, but the place that she came from called her JK, we didn’t like it and I suggested that we could just call her Jay…so Jay she became.   Four year old retired harness horse.  Standardbred.  I didn’t realize how young they started these horses, but she’s in a good home now.  Hopefully. She is on trial to see if she will work out.  She’s young and needs work, I think she just needs love and a home…but alas it is not up to me. I think she’ll stay.  Here’s to hoping.

I edited this picture. The original wasn’t bad. I don’t hate it and maybe eventually I’ll post it.  I just didn’t love it.  The sun was high and harsh.  It was late afternoon and even though it was going to be getting dark in only a few hours, the sun wasn’t quite at that  great mark where it was just right for the taking.  And of course with horses, you can never get them to stand where you want and when you want and how you want. I worked with what I had.  I actually made a couple of different versions of this photo, but I really like this one.  I hope you do too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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DSC_9334c.jpgYou would think that for someone that loves to write, I’d have a bit better luck coming up with blog titles. I say this, because I know that I’ve probably…most likely, have used this title before.

Anyway, this beauty…she’s TeeJay.  She’s in her late 20s and a spunky little thing whom doesn’t act a day over 6.  I love her and she always makes my day.  Here’s to hoping she makes you smile just a minute as well.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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