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New Year, New Vision….

DSC_7099For so long I have lacked vision. I’ve lacked passion and desire.  I’ve lacked that that fire. Those flames that burn from deep within the soul.  So fierce that you can feel it through every fiber that cases your soul. Your spirit.

My spirit, it has been broken and lost.  Broken by unfulfilled dreams.   Empty promises. And the reality that life and the people in it are quite unpredictable.  Then when we look at what the last year, the last year has brought us.  Disgust, hatred, chaos, fear, and all of those brought upon by something that probably never ever should have happened.  It is no wonder that souls are beaten and broke down coming into the new year.

I have reflected over the last year.  It was not a good one.  I suspect for a lot of us for many different reasons.  When I think back over my year, it started with death and then continued with more death and more frustrations and more loss.  There have been good things, I cannot deny that but they are severely outweighed by the bad.  Not that the bad has been that plentiful in comparison, but that they have been heavy and consistent.  I’m not the only one that has experienced this, I would not pretend that I am.  I’m just reflecting.

Friendships have faded, but I realize that they were not necessarily true friendships to begin with.  Sometimes we reach a point in life with people where we use them for the sake of not being alone but even when we are with people, we still feel alone.  Family relationships have come a head.  That is something that baffles me the most.  How families can turn on each other.  Behaving like high school cliques.  Battling it out as if we are teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks.  It is baffling.  Relationships.  People.

When I reflect back, I realize so much of my problem is that I am desperate and yearning for what was.  I live to be inspired and motivated.  I live to feel passion and hope and life.  I need to feel those things.  Deep, deep within.  I need to feel that fire burning as the flames flicker and rise.  Reminding me what life is and what it is that forces us to trudge on.  Again, I’m not alone in this.  We all need to feel passion and desire and motivation.  We all have spirits that burning to live life and feel excited to just breathe.  Yet, we get sucked into the realities of life.  The realities of working jobs that may or may not fulfill us.  The realities of time and not having near enough.  Some of us learn to combat those realities and make the most, but then there are some of us that get sucked into the despair of it all.

I think it is obvious where I have fallen on this latter.  Pretty sure that some days I have completely fallen off the latter, but unlike the years past….this year I am coming into it with this undeniable hope. This unbridled spirit of mine is fighting to come out and enjoy a better year.  I am not sure why.  It is unlike me to be honest.  I’ve never gone into a new year with hope.  I am hoping that the fact that I am is a good sign.   I’m still not going to make any resolutions but I am going to try to do things that I’ve been wanting to do, talked about doing for a while now.

I’m going to try and do photography everyday.  Whether it be taking a picture or editing a picture…I shall attempt to do it for the next 365 days.  I also plan on writing.  I truly do miss it.  I stopped doing it because it has been my desire to inspire  people with my writing or at least engage them enough that they enjoy it….that never seemed to take.  I’ve reserved myself to the fact that this may never happen.  I may never inspire anyone with my words. I may never get the following I wish with my writing. I may never do a lot of things with my writing, but I will attempt to do it everyday.   That is good for me, but maybe not so much for you.

These are just a couple of things.  There are more, but I will save them for another day.  I’ve already rambled on way too long and wish not to bore you anymore.  That is assuming you have made it to the end.  I know several of you will and for that, I thank you.

As for the picture, there is not a lot to say.  I took it today.  One of a several, but not as many as I would have hoped.  It was cold and it does not take long for my hands to get cold.  The horse is Mr. Aidan and I didn’t actually edit the picture that much. I only enhanced the brightness of the eyes themselves and everything else is as it was pictured.  I hope that you like it and I hope that this year brings you what you would like to see this new year.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

The Faces of Red….

DSC_5073The beautiful and incredibly sweet Red.  The only quarter horse in his family.  His brother and sister are both Connemaras, but that is okay-he’s a special guy.  23ish I think. Somewhere around there.

DSC_5088I am undecided as to which photo is my favorite.  One of the two head shots for sure. I hope that you find one that you like.  DSC_5090Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Always Incredible

DSC_5046The always incredible Mr. H.  Actually, it is HP (Hocus Pocus, but no one calls him Hocus Pocus).  HP, the Rocky Mountain Horse.  HP, the Rocky Mountain that apparently missed the memo that he was supposed to be a certain size.   DSC_5051I suppose there is an exception to every rule.  It seems like several of the horses out at the farm didn’t get the memo.  Sir Duke, the haflinger.  The Dude. HP. Aidan.  Probably a couple of others as well.  All a bit off “size” for their breed…oh well, they’re all beautiful.  And HP, well, he’s about as photogenic as they come.  DSC_5052He never disappoints and I hope that you agree.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_5071Montana Rose Photography

Sir Duke….

38005563_10155723986830998_5716868725315993600_oI rarely post photos that I have taken on my phone, but I couldn’t resist these.  I took these today as I was finishing up at the farm.  38137323_10155723986845998_3543405803690000384_oSir Duke was standing in his stall and the sun was reaching dusk status so it was shining through his window.  I had just finished raking the aisle way to his stall and so there was dust swirling around.  It was a perfect scene.  38271010_10155723986840998_1130188715155521536_oNaturally, I didn’t have my actual camera and so I had to use my phone.  I don’t know if it depicts the scene I was wanting it too, but I like them and hope you do too.  38131544_10155723986860998_6991746904329551872_oAnd it would be Sir Duke, if he didn’t add a little bit of this…whatever this is.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

The Cunning Aidan

DSC_4101The other day, you met his sister Lucky.   Today, you meet the grey stud.  Well, actually he’s a gelding, but just the same.  Look at that studly face.  DSC_4112bwHe’s also a Connamara pony…he just didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to be pony size. I’m not sure of his actual height, but he is clearly taller than his sister.  That is okay, he’s a beauty.  A grey beauty.  That took me a bit to understand.  How he was considered grey.  Even as they explained it, it just baffled me.

DSC_4115bwIt’s all about the skin tone and the skin tone under that silky hair of his is blackish making his coat grey.  It’s more obvious now that summer is here, but when I first met him, I couldn’t see it.  They are considered white if their skin is pink underneath their coat.  I am getting it now…mainly because the grey is more obvious now.


Mr. Aidan is about as patient as his sister.  Neither like having to stand in the barn. Who can blame them?  They love knowing what is going on and being front and center.   Aidan will stomp and rear, neigh and paw…whatever it takes to get attention.  They love treats and being loved on.  I’m happy to do both.  DSC_4082

These are some of my favorite pictures so far.  I wish I had gone a bit higher on the shutter speed, but I think that it works.  He looks amazing.  I also love that he actually wears a rope halter, because it was a lot easier to shop out.  There are a couple of areas that were difficult to perfect, but I don’t think that the flaws stand out too much.  At least I hope not.  What I do hope is that you like them too.
DSC_4088bwHave a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Lucky Girl….

Her name is Lucky and she is about as feisty as they come.  Up until a couple of months ago, she had only ever knew one home.  She had been born and raised there along with her brother Aiden.  The owner of the barn chose to get out of the bordering business, so their mother brought them to the stable.  I’m glad she did. We do know how I love horsies.

Lucky and Aidan are Connemara ponies.  According to my search, they originated off in Ireland and they are known for versatility and good disposition.  Their mama might argue their good disposition, though.  I kid, neither had been worked for a bit and they are a bit on the younger side.

Lucky has Aidan and Red, Red is a quarter horse ( I believe).  She doesn’t like being separated from them and she lets you know it.  She also doesn’t take too kindly to the other horses getting too close, but they have made themselves at home. Lucky and the boys are fitting in just fine.  I’m happy for that.

As for the pictures, I’d like a do over.  They’re good, but I couldn’t remember what I had my shutter speed set on the last time and went a little low this time.  It shows more in Aidan’s pics than with Lucky’s, but she stood a bit more still.  She was all about the modeling.  I would also like to work on shopping out the halters.  I did it on Aidan’s, but Lucky’s was a bit harder to avoid distorting areas that I felt should be defined.  I don’t know…I like them just the same and hope that you do as well.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography