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Unintentional Shot

DSC_1027.jpgSomewhere in the Coal Canyon of Colorado, I stood in a river bed.  Maybe just a creek bed.  It was anything but with only a bit of water flowing through.  Waiting on rain to come and fill it.  Rain that I could see moving in, but hoped that it would wait.  Driving on wet dirt roads gives me a bit of a panic.

I was searching for horses. Ones I would eventually find, but we know that I’m not one to miss a photo opportunity if I was smart enough to take my camera.

I don’t quite remember this picture.  However, to be fair I have upwards of an embarrassing amount of photos.  This apparently happens when you have large gig SD cards, 10 days on the road, and not a lot else to do.  Anyway, I do remember standing in the bank.  I do remember snapping all kinds of pictures just see what came about.  Apparently, this is one that came about.

It is an unintentional shot.  I am not even sure what I was necessarily going for.  The sky is not what I remember, but in the raw file it is just a grey wall.  I thought that it was sunnier, but I also remember that the rain really was moving in and must have taken over more of the sky than I remembered at this point.  I also think that it looks a bit on the long exposure side, which is strange because I wasn’t doing long exposures in this moment. I used a lens that I don’t normally use and a focal length that I don’t tend to play with.  I might have to make this more of a habit.   I also do not even remember putting a lot of thought into my scenery pictures on this hike.  All of these combined….I have an unintentional shot.

An unintentional shot or an unintentional outcome, I’m not sure.  What I am sure of is that I hope that you like it.

Live, laugh, love, and let it ride.

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