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Always Incredible

DSC_5046The always incredible Mr. H.  Actually, it is HP (Hocus Pocus, but no one calls him Hocus Pocus).  HP, the Rocky Mountain Horse.  HP, the Rocky Mountain that apparently missed the memo that he was supposed to be a certain size.   DSC_5051I suppose there is an exception to every rule.  It seems like several of the horses out at the farm didn’t get the memo.  Sir Duke, the haflinger.  The Dude. HP. Aidan.  Probably a couple of others as well.  All a bit off “size” for their breed…oh well, they’re all beautiful.  And HP, well, he’s about as photogenic as they come.  DSC_5052He never disappoints and I hope that you agree.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_5071Montana Rose Photography

Because sometimes….

DSC_4212.jpgYou just have to smile.  This guy.  Popeye.  Muscular and blind in one eye just like Popeye the Sailor man, hence the name.

He is one of the stable horses, but he is also used in the therapeutic riding program.  He is one of the favorites.  One of the riders that no longer rides him still brings him a bag of carrots.  Who can blame them.

As for Pops…there’s not a lot else to say about this guy.  Mainly because I think that the picture says it all.  Popeye in all of his glory (and he’s had a few Olive Oyls I’m sure.  One I know of for sure).  Hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

The Cunning Aidan

DSC_4101The other day, you met his sister Lucky.   Today, you meet the grey stud.  Well, actually he’s a gelding, but just the same.  Look at that studly face.  DSC_4112bwHe’s also a Connamara pony…he just didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to be pony size. I’m not sure of his actual height, but he is clearly taller than his sister.  That is okay, he’s a beauty.  A grey beauty.  That took me a bit to understand.  How he was considered grey.  Even as they explained it, it just baffled me.

DSC_4115bwIt’s all about the skin tone and the skin tone under that silky hair of his is blackish making his coat grey.  It’s more obvious now that summer is here, but when I first met him, I couldn’t see it.  They are considered white if their skin is pink underneath their coat.  I am getting it now…mainly because the grey is more obvious now.


Mr. Aidan is about as patient as his sister.  Neither like having to stand in the barn. Who can blame them?  They love knowing what is going on and being front and center.   Aidan will stomp and rear, neigh and paw…whatever it takes to get attention.  They love treats and being loved on.  I’m happy to do both.  DSC_4082

These are some of my favorite pictures so far.  I wish I had gone a bit higher on the shutter speed, but I think that it works.  He looks amazing.  I also love that he actually wears a rope halter, because it was a lot easier to shop out.  There are a couple of areas that were difficult to perfect, but I don’t think that the flaws stand out too much.  At least I hope not.  What I do hope is that you like them too.
DSC_4088bwHave a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Ace in the Hole….

The beautiful Acers.   These are not the most perfect pictures, but I like them none the less.  I took them over almost a month ago and have been meaning to do fresh photos of him.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know at the time…these would be the last of the pics that I would be able take of him.  He left for a new home today.  I know the person that took him, but that doesn’t mean I’ll get a chance to photograph him again.  I know that it is the right thing for him.  He will be part of a veteran therapuetic program.  I’m still a little sad, though.

DSC_3228It has been a week as you read about yesterday.   I won’t go into today.  Ace leaving was just  small part of today’s events.  Either way, I’m glad that it is over.  Now it is time for a fresh week and a fresh start.

I’ve included the gofundme page for my art show.  Please do not feel obligated by any means.  I’m just sharing it as Facebook has never really been my friend.  I am just thankful that each of you continues to follow my blog and hope that you will not judge me for posting it here.  It is not really easy for me to do, but with each passing day I am more and more determined to make the best impression that I can with my art shows.  And sometimes we just have to do what we have to do

Again, please do not feel obligated or bad if you don’t.  It is QUITE alright.  Really it is. I just need to feel like I gave it a chance.  I am offering a free printed and matted photo of your choice with each donation, if you would like one.  And either way, I thank you for your time alone.

DSC_3227Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

And so it begins…

DSC_3791Or continues.  It really depends on how you look at it I suppose.  You know, whether or not you are “glass half full” or “glass half empty” kind of person.  Right now, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t ready to just toss the glass against the wall.  It has been one of those weeks and Buddy’s expression is as close as I can get to an appropriate description.

DSC_3797I feel like it is just par for the course of 2018.  Over the weekend my laptop popped a hinge, which apparently causes the whole monitor to come apart.  I take it to Best Buy to find out that the person behind the counter use to live in the same apartments and that they are not only raising our rent by $100 but that they are also forcing us to move into renovated apartments (which are a couple of hundred more) or to move all together.  I don’t give much to hearsay, so I went and asked….short of it all…I will be moving in a month or so.

I am stressed about the increase in rent, but I think that it will be a good thing.  I don’t know why.  I’m not changing complexes, just apartments but I’m excited in a sense of being able to get kind of a fresh start.  This current apartment…well, maintenance has been in it more than I have been.  And in a  strange turn of events, my old laptop decided to start turning on and working again.  It doesn’t work acceptably, but it is working pretty tolerably so I’ll take it.
DSC_3810As for my photography.  I am preparing for my art shows.  I am trying to swallow my pride and I started a gofundme page.  I won’t share it here today.  I’m still uneasy about it.  I shouldn’t be, but I am.  I want my first couple of art shows to be outstanding and really put me out there.  So here’s to fingers crossed that it all works out the way that it is supposed to.

I’ve also purchased a new ND filter.  Higher  F stop reduction than the older one (and it is not all scratched up).  What does that mean?  Well, hopefully it means that I will be able to work on and bring in some acceptable long exposure shots.  I’m excited about that.

For now, I have brought you colored photos from Buddy’s shoot.  I am still proud of them.  I printed one of Gordy’s and it looks amazing.  I’m hoping to get some more this weekend, but it has been rainy so we’ll have to wait and see.  Until then, I hope that you enjoy these.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

The Beautiful Gordy Girl

DSC_3738These are the last of the pictures that I will get to take of her.  Yesterday she was to leave for a new home.  The farm had no use for her as they decided she would not be a good fit for the therapian program.  I’d like to say that I’m surprised, but I’m not.  It is fine.  She will get to cart.  The new owners do not ride, they drive carts and so that Gordy Girl’s new job.DSC_3742c
I want to be upset, but the truth is…I know it is for the best.  I will miss her, but it is for the best.  She was actually supposed to have gone to these new owners originally, but due to unforeseen circumstances at the time, they had to decide against her.  Circumstances changed and they contacted the necessary resources to find out if Gordy was still available.  Things workout the way that they are supposed to.  DSC_3748I don’t know that I’ll ever be good with the letting go part.  I’ll make a horrible business owner in the art of being able to get rid of the horses that are financially beneficial.  I will want to keep them all.  Maybe some day I’ll have that option.  I’ve been wanting to get some black background pictures of her and this put a fire under my feet to do it.  I’m glad that I did. I think that they are spectacular.  DSC_3749I wish that I had gotten some more of her counterpart Jay before she had left.  I don’t know what happened to her. I can only hope that they found a good home for her.  I can only hope that Gordy’s is a good home for her. DSC_3755 Anyway, I think that these pictures turned out amazing. I’m very proud of this batch.  Like with Buddy, a few are a little softer than I would prefer but I do not feel that it takes away from the pictures.   I think that they have captured the grace, elegance and beauty that is Gordy Girl  (I never could think of a good nickname for her, but I also never wanted to change her name from Gordy….it just doesn’t leave much for coming up with a good nickname).
DSC_3760bwI hope that you like these pictures as much as I do.  I included both colored and black and white.  I couldn’t decide which ones that I liked more.  I think at least one of them should go into my art show pieces, but for the life of me…I can’t decide.  DSC_3766DSC_3781bw
Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

When all else fails…

DSC_3797bwYou figure it out and keep moving on.  I guess. I am not sure that is a phrase, but that is what I do. I just keep at it.  On and on and on again.   I don’t know what that means, but just the same.

With that said, naturally I would keep at trying to master the black background horse photos that I have been working on.  DSC_3804bw
I only did two horses this batch.  Being able to correspond help holding horses isn’t the easiest thing.  I really need to bribe people with baked goods to help me.  There are a lot of horses out at that farm and I’d like to attempt them all (some of them again).  Much like Buddy. I was happy with his last batch, but this one….DSC_3810bw
Oh, my!  Are they perfect?  Probably not.  We know that there will be someone somewhere that could have done them better.  That is fine.  You do you.  I actually like them a lot just the way that they are.  A couple of them are a little softer than I intended, but I would say that it was a very successful shoot this time around.  DSC_3816bwI still went low on my aperture, but I increased my shutter speed.  I’m also a heavy shooter…probably ridiculously so.  With all that combined. I think that I achieved some pretty amazing shots.  I also like the bridle look much more than the halters.  Bridles are an acceptable choice since going with nothing at all is not really an option.  These guys would run if given the chance…not far.  Two feet at most, the grass is way too tempting.

The male owner of the farm prefers the halter look, so the ones that I did specifically for him will remain, but I will like to do all the horses in their bridles for my own use.  I am excited about the possibilities.

With these I chose to go black and white, but I have colored versions as well.  I will be posting those eventually, but for now…just these.  I hope that you like them.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography


DSC_04702bw2Jay and Gordy.  Two of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in a while. I think all horses tend to be beautiful.  Some more than others, but there is something about these two.  Unfortunately, Jay won’t be staying at the farm.  She is still too green and won’t work for what they need her for.  From a business perspective it makes sense. I have to keep telling myself that, but I hate to see her go and hope that she is able to find a good home.

She will be going back to the thoroughbred rescue she came from in Pennsylvania.  They have crazy stipulations for their adopters, but that can be good for the horses. Sadly, we will never know but here’s to hoping for the best for this beautiful girl.  I’d take her if I could.  Cheap wine dreams.

It is the moments like this though that make me realize  I’ll probably never be able to do “horse business”.  Where you have to make decisions whether it is financially feasible to keep a  horse.   I want to keep them all. Every dog. Every cat. Every horse. If I could afford it, I’d have a ranch full of animals.  A town full of animals.  How crazy would that be?

As for this picture.  I’m still working on the black background.  This picture, it was not taken in a barn. It was taken in the run-ins during the Christmas Eve snow.  The background was perfectly exposed, so I played with it.  I like how it looks.  I’m sure that it is not as natural as some of those other black background pics, but I like it just the same. Hope that you do too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.