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The Horizon…

DSC_4556I was going to write something, but the words are lost.  Probably somewhere deep in translation.  Lingering around wanting to reveal themselves, but not really knowing how.  Tangled up with a bunch of other words and feelings.  Not being able to come together to form a coherent and logical thought.  Unable to find the correlation between many of them.  We have all been there.

I have news.  It is good news, and yet for some reason I am unable to bring myself to really share it.  I should share it. I should want to share it. I should be excited to share it. I should be excited about it.  Yet, I am unable to find myself excited about it.  Probably because of the disruption it causes.  This could have gone three ways.  One unfavorable, one unfavorable with little to no disruption to daily life, and one that totally uproots my life.  It should have been assumed that it would be the one that totally uproots my life.  Isn’t that always the way that it works out?

There could be many other reasons, but I won’t bore you with the details.  For now, I will simply share this picture.  I hope that you like it.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography