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The Goose Brigade

DSC_7840-3That is what I’m going to call them anyway.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve used this title before, but it was much nicer than what I want to call them.

I’ve seen them before.  They are regulars around my patio.  I’m really realizing that I have way too much time on my hands and that I’ve spent way too much time with geese here of late.  Seriously, though, he’s not hard to forget.  He’s one of the only geese around here with a spot on his forehead.  There is only one other one, but his spot is more of a triangle and it is more grey.  He’s also not as vocal.  He’s in the same flock as this guy, whom I’ve name Whittey.

Whittey is an ***.  There is just no other word for it and he’s not a typical goose jerk either.  He’s viscous, demanding, and thinks that he is just the king of all that in which he touches.  He has a very white mark between his eyes on what I assume is forehead.  He’s very recognizable.  So, as I’ve said, I’ve seen him around the patio.

Whittey sounds like a mob name.  Not really, but in an act to not get brow beaten by call him something that would offend someone, I’m going with Whittey.  He who keeps coming around as I type.  He just ran off my buddy, a lone goose that comes when he sees me out.  That little guy is even brave enough to come up to my little table.  They’ve all come to learn that the coffee mug that sits next to me does not actually contain coffee.  Anyway, back to Whittey.

He and his flock, they’re a bunch of jerks.  Demanding, bullying little jerks.  He’s staring at me now from a distance.  I told him that they were getting anything and that they better hope the squirrel comes back around.   Whittey goes out of his way to chase off any goose, or duck, that is not in his flock.  He seems to have some kind of arrangement with the squirrels.  Probably because those cheeky little monkeys will drop seed on the ground….on purpose.

A goose can be a good yard away, but apparently that is just too close for this guy.  He will run full speed with head slithering around as he goes after them to chase them off.  My little buddy made the mistake of making a u-turn and heading back in my direction.  Whittey was on his tail, pun intended.  Such an angry little goose that one is.

The other day, I was out on my patio.  I’ve been trying to do that daily.  Anyway, I was on my patio and there some duckies trying to get in on the food action.  Whittey was trying to horn in on their pile.  I had tossed some behind me, because the **** brigade was on the other side of the patio.  Whittey would start to walk towards them so I would turn and point at him, telling him to stay on his own side (did I mention that I clearly have too much time on my hands?)  He’d take a few steps back and just watch me, quietly to my surprise.  I thought for sure that he would issue some kind of hissing protest, he did not.

We did this several times, before he went to chase off another goose.  Without my realizing, his flock had maneuvered their way into the ducky area and the little guys gave up.  Whittey and his crew were cut-off.  When the food runs out, they get bored and wonder off.  They always come back, much like now.  He’s waiting in wake, I can feel his eyes on me.  It’s fine.  I’m sure that my neighbors get a kick out of watching me talk to the animals.

I’m actually a bit surprised no one has complained, but the geese don’t stick around and it keeps them off of everyone else’s patio.  Anyway,  I really don’t mind.  It’s not like there’s anything else to do right now.  Talking to the geese is sometimes the most conversation that I get in a day.  Speaking of which, I better wrap it up…the **** brigade is back and it requires me attention.

Live, laugh, love, and let it ride.
~SMH, Montana Rose Photography~


Humanity and Animals

DSC_7203.jpgI am not sure where I am going to go with this post to be honest.  I definitely have more faith in one than in the other.

Let me start by saying, I rarely discuss politics in polite company.  I have found it is a topic best reserved for those that you know and click with.  Most rarely have the ability to have a formidable, mature, and logical discussion on the topic.  We are out there, but it is hard for us to find each other.  With that said, I just keep my opinions to myself because the lot that I have to discuss things with….well, I would have better luck convincing a ticked off buffalo to not ram my car than I would to have a calm and collect conversation on political matters.  That excludes, of course, you all. I suspect most of you have a good head on your shoulders but as we don’t know each other in that way…the southern girl in me says “do not discuss politics in polite company.”  So, I try to stray from the matter.

Without delving deep into the topics of such matters,  I do have to say that I think the current administration has brought out the worst in people.  I think that the last administration started the rumbling, but this administration is the pin in the grenade that is about to slip out.  I believe it is all going to come to a head and it is going to be pleasant.  I just hope that it is not of apocalyptic results.

Anyway, the hottest topic is the wall.  I will not discuss it, but someone posted on FB today about the wall in the form of a meme.  This meme said, “You know why you can enjoy yourself at the zoo?  Walls work.”  The person that shared this meme added her own comment, “That’s right. Animals are animals.”  I was appalled at the fact that she referred to the immigrants as animals.

I know that we have often referred to bad people as animals, but in my opinion…the only animals are actual animals.  And the bad people….the ones often referred to as animals, well they are not animals at all.  They are monsters, but to refer to an entire group of people as animals merely because ultimately they scare us-that is not something that we should.  That is just, beyond words to me because it just wreaks of something that I cannot put my finger on.  Hatred. Intolerance.  Anger.  Fear even.

I am not sure how we can get past what is happen in our world.  Or how to get past the political BS when friends and family have shown me lights that I was not sure even possible.  It is sad that one man can cause such a division of the masses.  I figured we would destroy ourselves, but I still hope that I am wrong and that we can recover before it is too late.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Walk on….

DSC_0504The wild side in a winter wonderland.   This is Tallulah quite the little prowless.  When I first started out at the farm she was not one for petting and being held.  Now she is all over me when she seems me.  Maybe I have a way with animals, maybe it is the fact that I feed her, or maybe she is just changing her ways.  Whatever it is, I’ll take it.  I adore her.  Hope that you like her pictures.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow. DSC_0507.jpgMontana Rose Photography