In attempts to do business right, I may have gone about it wrong.  Sometimes what we think is innocent and a good move, may not be considered so to someone else.  It is always so hard to know exactly what to do, because there is always that one little nick that we never think about.

I’m a photographer, storyteller, traveler, wildflower, and so many other things.  I love to share the things that are important to me. I love to write, share pictures, and share stories.  In attempts to grow interest in my photography, I linked my blog to my Facebook business page so that it would automatically post.  A seemingly good move at the time. I realize now that this may not have been appealing to all of my followers.

Everyone has their ideas on business and how it should be conducted.  My only intent was to grow my business, while maintaining my passion by not getting wrapped up in all that is just business.  I’m still not convinced that I went about it the wrong way, but I’m also willing to compromise.  I may ask for business advise, but I’m not actually all that naive to the ways of business.

With that, I’ve decided to create a special page for just the happenings of Montana Rose.  This page will include updates or an amazing story endured while on a photographic endeavor. This may be a weekly post or it may be a random post. It will depend on the circumstance.   When it is posted, if you decide to take a peak and while here feel the “want to” to check out my other post, please by all means do so. It is not only encouraged, but appreciated.

I hope that this is a satisfactory compromise to all those and I appreciate the feedback that I’ve received.

Thank you,

Montana Rose Photography

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