dsc_7100As in….in retrospect, I shouldn’t have put it in writing that I was going to do some writing or photography everyday.  It hasn’t really worked that way, but it is not for lack of motivation.  It has been for a lack of time to focus to do that.  My day starts at 3am, so my window of non-tiredness declines rapidly once I get a chance to just stop.  I know there are others out there that feel my pain.  I have been posting pictures regularly, but only on FB so I guess that is something.

Oh well.  It is the end of the week and it is still early in the new year.  I still have plenty of room for improvement.  For now, you just get Lucky’s eyes.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography


Humanity and Animals

DSC_7203.jpgI am not sure where I am going to go with this post to be honest.  I definitely have more faith in one than in the other.

Let me start by saying, I rarely discuss politics in polite company.  I have found it is a topic best reserved for those that you know and click with.  Most rarely have the ability to have a formidable, mature, and logical discussion on the topic.  We are out there, but it is hard for us to find each other.  With that said, I just keep my opinions to myself because the lot that I have to discuss things with….well, I would have better luck convincing a ticked off buffalo to not ram my car than I would to have a calm and collect conversation on political matters.  That excludes, of course, you all. I suspect most of you have a good head on your shoulders but as we don’t know each other in that way…the southern girl in me says “do not discuss politics in polite company.”  So, I try to stray from the matter.

Without delving deep into the topics of such matters,  I do have to say that I think the current administration has brought out the worst in people.  I think that the last administration started the rumbling, but this administration is the pin in the grenade that is about to slip out.  I believe it is all going to come to a head and it is going to be pleasant.  I just hope that it is not of apocalyptic results.

Anyway, the hottest topic is the wall.  I will not discuss it, but someone posted on FB today about the wall in the form of a meme.  This meme said, “You know why you can enjoy yourself at the zoo?  Walls work.”  The person that shared this meme added her own comment, “That’s right. Animals are animals.”  I was appalled at the fact that she referred to the immigrants as animals.

I know that we have often referred to bad people as animals, but in my opinion…the only animals are actual animals.  And the bad people….the ones often referred to as animals, well they are not animals at all.  They are monsters, but to refer to an entire group of people as animals merely because ultimately they scare us-that is not something that we should.  That is just, beyond words to me because it just wreaks of something that I cannot put my finger on.  Hatred. Intolerance.  Anger.  Fear even.

I am not sure how we can get past what is happen in our world.  Or how to get past the political BS when friends and family have shown me lights that I was not sure even possible.  It is sad that one man can cause such a division of the masses.  I figured we would destroy ourselves, but I still hope that I am wrong and that we can recover before it is too late.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

In the Zone

dsc_7244cIn the zone…I am not.  I try to be, but it comes and goes.  I missed yesterday because I had to the work the farm and then we went trail riding. I did take some pictures on my phone but only of the horses that you’ve seen a hundred times over and will probably see a hundred times more (so with that, I spared you).   By the time I got home, it was late and I was quite tired so writing and photography I did not.

I don’t really have anything to ramble about today.  I am thinking about setting “Practices.”  Practices seems like such a strange word to use.  It kind of annoys me to be honest, but right this minute I cannot think of a better word.  Of course with that said, I suppose I should give you some context to my meaning.

On Facebook, I following a writer’s studio here where I live.  As we know, I have been trying to get back into writing and so I’d like to attend workshops and what not.  Of course most of their workshops are way out of my price range.  Hundreds of dollars out of my price league, so I’ve yet to attend any.  Anyway, today they posted a blog post about an upcoming workshop and in this post they talked about setting writing practices.  Basically repetition to keep in the habit and to open up pathways to better writing (or something like that).  It made sense.

It is also something that I’ve been thinking about for sometime, I just didn’t have a name for it.  It is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  Set “practices” for certain things.  Practices…yeah, I really need to figure out a different word.  Some daily…I don’t know.  I will think of something.

I’ve lost my train of thought, though.  In the middle of writing this we lost power.  Some careless wanker forgot it was wet outside and hit a pole causing us to be without power for a couple of hours.  It gave me an excuse to sleep, which I am sure I’ll regret tomorrow (considering I should be getting ready for bed now).  I’ll try this ramble again tomorrow.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Standing on Top

dsc_5545I will spare you some cheesy, positive post today.  It is not that I do not have anything to say, but I will try and save you from burn out.

Thinking about the new year, I don’t know what it has in store for me.  I know what is on my wish list, but I have no real plans other than to survive it and to live it.  I will probably not do any major art shows like the one that I did last year.  I may do some smaller ones, but I think I would like to focus on adapting my photography and getting back to a place where I don’t question 95% of my pictures.

Doing huge shows take a lot of work.  A lot of money.  I would like to get some other things in order first.  Plus if i get into grad school, my time will be limited anyway.  One day at a time.  I have until May to decide for the one I did last year anyway.  My spot won’t be as good at this point, but it is okay. I have a lot of supportive people.  Some that I didn’t even know existed before.  It’s all good.

There are some photographic projects that I would like to do. I don’t know if I will.  Mainly because I am not sure how to execute them, but it is something that I am still thinking about.  For now, the same old pictures I always post….hope you don’t mind.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Aspire, Inspire

dsc_7111Day four of ridiculous positivity and hope for the new year continues.  I do not know why and as it is uncustomary for me to feel this way….I’m a bit annoyed and waiting for the cement shoes to drop.  Until then, I suppose I will soak it up and just roll with it.

Today, I was thinking about certain people in my life.  I wrote on facebook about releasing the toxins from my life.  This includes toxic people.  It kind of donned on me earlier that toxic people are not always seemingly toxic.  It is a little bit like eating orange seeds.  They are toxic, but it is something that you wouldn’t realize until you have consumed a ridiculous amount of them.  Some people are the same.

These people tend to be uninspired, unmotivated, negative, and just content with existing.  There are few of those in my life.  I think that we all have a few of those.  What I realized, I’m tired of being around those people, which makes me sound and feel like a horrible-horrible person.  I’m grateful for those people and the roll that they played, but as I’ve changed and they seem content just being….I understand why people grow apart.  It is sad, but it is necessary.

This is not to knock them.  That is how their path is meant to be, or so it seems.  I, on the other hand, long for aspiration and inspiration.  I also long to be able to infect people with much of the same.  Positivity, inspiration, aspiration, fire, and passion.  Especially, in a world where we are bombarded with sadness and hatred.  Where there are children in positions of authority because at the time they fooled people into believing they were responsible adults.   Adults that throw fits like two years that got their hands smacked for taking a cookie.  It is just not the time to be loathing in self-existence.  It is a time to make the best out of what we have left of our time.  I know you know what I’m talking about.

I don’t have the words to inspire you to find your aspirations and inspirations, but I also think that we also know what it is like to feel each of those.  Feel those and the fire that burns because of them.  Embrace the flames and let it ride.

I’m sure I will burn out on the positivity, but so far it is relentlessly holding on.  Bear with me.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Music Man

dsc_6972Trent Tomlinson concert 2018.  Mr. Colt Prather on guitar.

It is becoming an annual tradition for my friends and I.  This is our third year since I moved back to Indiana.  I don’t know if there will be a fourth year.  A lot can change in a year.  It is on my wish list.  That even if I’m not here than I will at least come back to keep up tradition.

Wish list. That is what I’ve decided to make.  Instead of plans.  I’m just adding things to my wish list.  When I make plans, they rarely work out.  So, I figure that I will just add things to my wish list and do what I can.  If it works out than it is meant to be and if not, well then it doesn’t.

My wish list includes many things.  I’ve applied to grad school, which today seems absurd for my age but it donned on me today that on the 17th of February, I will have been at my job for 10 years.  10 long and agonizing years.  I stay because of the money. I stay because of the benefits.  I stay because right now, there isn’t any real choice in the matter.  I can say that there is.  We often do, but when I take into consideration the things that I’ve already mentioned….well, like I said.

Isn’t that the way it is. We do what we have to do until we don’t have to do it anymore.  It is just the way that it is.  It is neither a bad thing nor a good thing.  It just is.

I hope that you enjoy the picture.  I edited it a while ago, but I have been touching pictures in one way or another as I set out to do.  I’ve also written everyday, but to be fair…it is only day three and there are 362 left.  I can do this.  We can do this.  Bring it on 2019.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Restricted Time…

DSC_71453I stare at this picture and I wonder if it is flawed.  Like so many before it.  Blurred in areas that don’t immediately standout to me.  One minute it looks soft, the next minute it does not.  This was the best shot that I got of him yesterday, but alas…I feel that it could have been better.

His owner wants one of him.  To join his brother and sister on the wall at home.  I had yet to get a good picture of him that I truly liked.  Until I posted it, I thought that it was this one but I didn’t have enough time to get more.  There is never enough time; especially, when you have to rely on people to help you.

These shots. I have said it before…that I cannot do them alone.  I had asked one.  One of patience and one that respects my methods.  Another insisted on doing it.  One who promotes and claims of support, but one whom rushes me through the process.  “It will only take a couple of minutes,”   they say.  Constantly.  The non-photographer.  The one not holding the camera.  She often dictates how long these shoots will last and it is rarely enough.  I always need more time. Not a lot more time, but enough time to make sure that I get me to the point of satisfaction.  I never get enough when this person helps.

It should be easy, you think.  Politely inform them that you don’t want their help or explain to them the process and ask them not to rush you.  It should be that easy.  Alas, it is not.  The relationship is shaky and the results could be undesirable.  As is often the case when someone is in a position where it is basically their call.  Their call whether you work there.  Whether you can take photos on their property.  You tread lightly, even when you know you should speak.

There are many subjects that I should speak upon.  I have been asked to, but I do not.  Rarely do people ever truly want the truth.  We can say that we do, but when it is involving our character….we do not.  We don’t truly want to know what others consider our flaws.  We most definitely do not want someone to lay them out for us so, depending on the situation, we suffer in silence.  Or suffer in silence at the time and then gripe about it to a reliable confidant.  It is how the world works.  It is how we maintain a balance, for the most part, in our life.  We do what we can to keep the peace.  Most of us anyway.

It may often cause turmoil.  It is really just a matter of which is the lesser of the two evils.  For now, my silence to keep the peace seems like the right move.  This year, I have plans. Plans that I need to follow to see how they play out.  Plans that will determine my next step in the immediate situations.  Like most, I bide my time.  There is always another door.  There is always something in the midst of it all.  We just bide our time until we stumble upon it and make the most.  Find the best.  Even when we think it is flawed.

Often flawed is only in the eyes of the beholder.  At least that is what I’m going with.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography