The Squirrel

DSC_7984-3It’s my fault really.  That this has become acceptable behavior.  I’ve really condoned his behavior, but he’s an inner-city squirrel so it was probably already there anyway.

I knew when I put my bird feeder up that the squirrels would indulge in its offerings. I had accepted this.  I’ve also seen the videos that prove that no amount of squirrel proofing would actually work.  I honestly do not mind, they have to eat too. I am just starting to wish I hadn’t bought such a cute bird feeder.

It took a while before they realized that it was there.  The bird feeder.  Then once they did, the bird seed goes quickly.  So very, very quickly.  Sometimes twice a day it runs out.  That’s on me for filling it everyday, some times twice a day.

I can sit on my patio and they will just shimmy by me.  They try to pretend that they are part of the concrete or to act as if they are spiderman, but I always see them.  This guy, he no longer cares.  I’ve yet to think of a good name for him, but he’s a cocky one.  Moments ago he was behind my chair trying to decide if he was going to jump up on it or not.  He doesn’t know I saw him, but his reflection was in my glass patio door.  He decided not to.  I’m not sure what either one of us would have done had that gone the other way.

Once he got his fill of what was on the ground, he shimmied up the shepherd’s hook and then jumped on the feeder.  I feel that there may have been a more graceful way for him to do that, but he clearly did not.  He almost fell off a couple of times trying to get his footing right, I laughed…he ignored, this is our relationship now.

As I watched him eventually grab some food and then stretch off the bird feeder with his front half, while hanging on with his back half, all I could think was, “this is why I can’t have nice things.”

Haven’t thought of a good name for him yet, but I suspect he’ll be back.  Gutter cleaning people scared him off.  Oh, wait, I was wrong…he has returned, or it is one of the other 4 squirrels that has decided my patio is their patio.  This one doesn’t seem to care that I’m here, so I’m sure it is Mr. Bird Feeder yogi.

Hope you like the picture.  Live, laugh, love, and let it ride.
~SMH, Montana Rose Photography~

4 thoughts on “The Squirrel

    • I’m sorry for the loss of your dad.

      I definitely get lost in watching them scamper about. There are three regulars that do not really fear me. We have fun. 🙂

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading about my squirrels. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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