No Fear

DSC_6472This is the kind of shot that you get when the squirrels no longer fear you.  Or at least care more about the food on your patio than the fact that you are on your patio.  It could also have been that their were four of them and so he had no fear because he had his buddies with him.

It is not often that they stick around once I open the door, but here we are.  If only the geese were as fearful as the squirrels.  The geese don’t care, they are ready to fight me in a heartbeat.

Geese, so many of them.  I don’t mind.  They’re ungrateful little monkeys, though. Hissing as I fill the bird feeder.  Some days they are lucky I don’t harm animals….or at the very least that the Zone no longer cares about them.

I hope that you enjoy the picture.

Live, laugh, love, and let it ride.
~SMH, Montana Rose Photography~

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