Archive | May 2020

Burn It….

DSC_2393Burn it to the ground….not literally, because that would be a crime.

I had actually started another project, a non-photography project, that didn’t work out the way that I wanted it to.  It made me realize that I may not have what it takes to be a crafty and artistic in that way.  I can always envision things, but I can rarely, rarely bring them to fruition.  Sometimes, I can bring to life something else that is bearable, but rarely the original vision.

I keep trying, though.   I guess that it is really what counts, so they say.

I wanted to represent something.  Rising from the ashes.  Burning away the negative.  Burning away all the horrible things.  Burning of something that needs to be given up.  Something that cannot be let go of, because there was no closure and no answers.  Something like that.

It’s been so long since I began this post (I may have gotten distracted) that I’ve lost my train of thought.  Either way, I hope that you like this picture.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
~SMH, Montana Rose Photography~