A Little Light

DSC_1905I do not know if it is the lockdown, or what it might be, but I am feeling a bit more unfulfilled than usual.   Trapped.  Restless.  I could blame lockdown, and I’m sure that it doesn’t help; however, it is more than that.  My soul is desperate for change and is unsure how to achieve that.  Current real world situations do not help.

I should be sitting here preparing for my trip.  The one I’ve been fortunate enough to take every years for the last several.  I should be packing and stressing.  Overthinking.  Wondering if I should be using that money or saving it for something else.  Pondering how I do not really want to go alone, but that I need the time away.  I should be getting excited and restless as the days count down to my last clock out for two weeks, but alas I am not.  My trip will not happen this year.  COVID19 has seen to that.

I could postpone it with the assumption like the masses that this virus will be gone and we can get back to living by summer, but I’m not that optimistic.  There will be no real hope until a vaccine is released, because we just aren’t capable of shutting our lives off for the length of time that it would take.

Camping should be fine.  Getting out of the house is not the problem.  The problem is that people group together when they are out.  The places that I wanted to visit this year, most of them would likely be crowded.  The campgrounds would for sure be.  It is too early for big trips and a lot of places are not even looking at reopening yet.

I would need to take it by the end of the summer, but either way it will not be a big trip. There are many factors, COVID19 is just the big one.  It is fine.  It is not fine, but it is not something that is within our control, so I’m trying to do better about stressing less about those things.

I have had multiple art projects on my mind.  Directions that I want to take with my photography.  Not to completely change paths, but to add something more to the mix.  I can envision it, I just do not know how to bring it to life.  I also have some art pieces that I can envision, but again…I’m just not sure how to bring them to life.   My artistic creativity seems to disconnect between my brain and my fingers.  My photography is pretty simple, which works for some of it but I need it to scream.  To resonate.  To touch.  To feel.  I know that it does for me…on some of it, but I want something more I think.   Something that just….I want to use the word powerful, but I don’t know if that is quite right either.

I think this is why I like this picture.  Some will say that I should open up the shadows and what not, but I actually love the look of this one.  It was underexposed except for the area around his face.  He was sitting in a tree and the light was shining through the branches and leaves just right, so even though I underexposed accidentally-it had a nice affect I think. I hope that you think so too.

For now, I must call it a day.  Thank you for stopping by.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  Live, laugh, love, and let it ride.

~SMH, Montana Rose Photography~

6 thoughts on “A Little Light

  1. I made a career out of pictures that have large dark areas. The notion that every part of the picture must be balanced comes from the HDR crowd.

    We take day trips so that I can make a couple pictures. We take a dog or two and get away from city. You might try something like that.

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  2. I always expose for the subject and your subject looks perfectly exposed to me.
    Try going out on day trips to places you have not been and where other people do not go. If you have access to a canoe that usually keeps the herd thinned out.
    Your at your cross roads.

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    • That is something that I’m working on being better about, exposing for the subject.

      I wanted to take day trips, but I didn’t. I ended up doing things around home that needed to be done and then the weather got less than cooperative. I’m planning on it in the next few weeks, though. I know some places are opening up, but I think my part in society should be not joining the herds that will be jumping on the wagon that is passing by (at least not right away. Never really been my thing anyway).


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