A New Light

DSC_3990bwThat is really what we need. A new light at this point.

I had originally posted this picture with a different words written.  A much longer post.  A much more soapboxy post, because I had felt bad about the fact these were at a zoo and I felt I needed to justify something about my stance.  Then, I deleted it because I remembered who I was and that people are always going to have opinions.

“Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business.”

That might be paraphrasing a bit, but I read that in a book.  It is true, really.  I spend way too much time worried about other people’s opinions.  I know that this is something that we’ve already established.  Just the same, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of it so I can remember I don’t kneed to be.

I’ve been tucked away in my apartment for the last several days.  Not because of “The Virus,”  but because of a virus.  I opted to quarantine myself, not only because it is the right thing to do when you are sick, but because everything that compromises our immune system makes us more susceptible to “The Virus,” as I have decided to call it.  It’s lonely, but necessary.  It also makes me think about the impact this virus is going to have on society.

The news surrounding “The Virus” has been mishandled and because of that things have gotten way out of hand.  Because of that, things will never be the same.  I’m worried, if not terrified, about the everlasting effects that this is going to have on us.  Fear is a dangerous, dangerous thing and I’ve always believed that humans are the biggest threat.  Actions of people in the states are proving that.  Things could have been handled differently, they should have been handled differently.  Alas, here we are.

Italy is coming together and having musical gatherings on their balconies while quarantined to their home while here in the states people are fighting over toilet paper and sanitizer.  Clearing off shelves of milk, bread, and other foods.   After thoughts from the toilet paper chaos.   Forgetting that there are elderly people that not only cannot get out to go to the store on their own, but also do not necessarily have the means to buy up every single thing they can.  That there are people that barely have grocery money after bills, let alone enough money to bulk buy for the apocalypse.  Fear is selfish and people, well…I will digress while I am ahead.

Anyway, the point is that we need a new light.  Whatever that may look like to get there, I am unsure but what is happening right now is not the way.  I am not always the most positive person; especially, when I am feeling sad and empty but now is not the time to dump that on people.  I will do my best to post happy thoughts and hope that you enjoy the pictures.  It may be all we have for a while.

This beautiful baby pictured is one of Mshindi’s troop.  I’m still trying to determine the other four.  I think this is Bandia to Tulivu, both females.  Mshindi is the only male in his troop, for what I can only assume are obvious reasons.  The fourth member is Asha, you will meet her late.

I don’t know that I will ever know all of their names, or be able to distinguish them apart but they are beautiful and whether they live in a zoo or not, they deserve to be recognized.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow while trying to stay positive.

~SMH, Montana Rose Photography~

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