The Old, The New….

DSC_0025 (2)As we head in the new year, many of us are thinking about how to actually make the new year better.  How to make ourselves better.  I’ve been bitter about it and not so positive on the outlook.  However, as I listen to my upstairs neighbors stomp around…I can’t help but thinking about something I saw in a show.   “The old boss is always a **** until you meet a new one.”  Seems irrelevant, huh?  I don’t think that it actually is.

My last upstairs neighbor, I considered him an inconsiderate idiot.  His t.v. was always blaring until all hours of the day.  I get up at 330a to go to the gym, I could still hear his t.v. blaring through the floor.  However, for the most part, that was the biggest issue and the most I ever heard from him.    Right now, I would do anything to go back to hearing that t.v. blaring through the floor.  I don’t know what the new family does upstairs, but they are constantly banging around, walking heavy footed, toddler screaming, dog barking, stomping, and whatever other kind of noise they can possibly make.    The old boss is always a **** until you meet a new one.  Meaning:  things are always bad until something else comes around and makes you realize that it actually can get worse.    Thank you, Letterkenny.

I think that this is true for years as well.  2019, well it was not good in more than one way.  However, parts of 2019 were way better than 2018 and I’m guessing that 2020 will challenge me if I say that it can’t possibly get worse.  I have got to learn to stop challenging the powers that be.

I do not know what 2020 has in store….well, for any of us.  Politically, it really can get worse.  That is a scary, scary thought….that there could possibly get worse than what it is.  It can and I suspect that it will.    Climate.  Environment. Inner relationships.  Outer personal relationships.  Some things we have control over and somethings we do not.  The obvious, and as I was reminded, we can only work on the ones that we can control.

This really should go without saying.  It should also go without saying that sometimes, well, this is easier said than done.  Still, I always try and will continue to do so.  I’ve started the path…let’s see how far it can go.  Bring it on, 2020.  Bring it on.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
Live, Laugh, Love, and Let it ride.
~SMH, Montana Rose Photography~

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