‘Tis the Season

DSC_2232.jpg‘Tis the season.  Everyone settling in for the yearly Christmas Eve routine, or starting a new one.  Posting their happy holidays and Merry Christmases.  Posting pictures of their family in their Christmas-sy sweaters and jammies.  Kids standing by the Christmas trees.  It’s all what tonight is supposed to be about for those that celebrate the holidays.  I don’t know enough about Hanukkah, or the others but I know Hanukkah started a few days ago so they, too, have some kind tradition for tonight.  Me…I’m just not in the Christmas spirit.  I wanted to be.  I even decorated, but now that it is here…I’m feeling a bit more grinchy than the years past.

Quite honestly, I’m coming into the end of the year feeling like 2019 can suck a hole.  I have been glad for the years to end lately with hopes of a new and better year but this year is different.  I am not even sure that I know what it is, but I know that I am not a lone.  It seems like 2019 has left a lot of people with a very bitter and nasty taste in their mouth.

Maybe it has been the political chaos that has embraced our society since the man in office was elected to be there.  I won’t jump on the bandwagon and call him names, but I will say that this is not where we should be.  Both parties are at fault.  Supporters from all circles are at fault.  We are at fault.   We need to do better at the next election, but we also can only go with what we are given.  History shows…it really can get worse.  Educate, research, and be informed.  That should go without saying, but there are a lot of people peering over the edge of the box instead of jumping out of it.  But that is where I will end it.  I don’t do politics, but this has been very taxing.

Maybe it is the loss.  Maybe it is the growing up and realizing a little too much how we outgrow people, or that they outgrow us.  Maybe it is that moment when we realize that adulthood kind is kind of like a pile of goose poop and that there is more goose poop then clean areas to walk in.  It could be the bodies that want to act older than the spirit that inhabits them.  Unanswered prayers.  Negative news.  Who knows.  Each of us has our own reason and each of us had our own 2019.  We are taking out of it whatever it gave us.  For some, I know that it really was a good year.

I do know that I do wish everyone a happy whatever you may celebrate.  May it be merry and in the sake of breaking out in song….may it be bright.  Even if it is just another night.  May you find a place your heart is at peace, your soul is content, and a way to smile each day.

I think that 2020 has got to be better for those of us that are ready to put 2019 in the rear view and everyday should be a good day.  May it all come together and may you have the greatest time of your life.

Live, Laugh, Love, and Let it Ride.
~SMH, Montana Rose Photography~

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