DSC_2051 I have been thinking a lot about my area of expertise as far as the world of photography.  Then I wonder how much of it is the area of which they are posted.  Facebook vs. Instagram vs. here on my rarely posted anymore blog.  The truth is, I love photography and I do want to make hobby money but people are not my area of expertise…on so many levels.  However, what is my area of expertise?

If I was to pay attention to Facebook, it is hit and miss.  Really, Facebook probably shouldn’t be an accurate measurement because pages have a hard time getting exposure because Facebook wants money.  Friend list…well, anyway.  If I was to pay attention to Instagram…horses and most animals.  On occasion, certain landscapes but as I’m typing this…well, I’m realizing that it probably comes down to what people are actually looking for.  We all know art, poetry, photography…the beauty and meaning and what not are all in the eyes of the beholder.  Perception is a cheeky monkey and we all have our own.

So far this above is my least liked photo in a long time. It has gotten a decent amount on Facebook since posting (in comparison to others), but Instagram like two people like it.  There could be many reasons why.

For those that do not know, this is the Devil’s tower inside of the Sacred Circle of Smoke.  The placement of the sculpture was strategic and shots like this one have come a regular and sought out view for most tourist.  The fool in me didn’t think much of it at first, but when I went to take it and saw many others going for the same shot, it made sense and I realized mine would not be amongst the first.  I did want it to be different.  Not the usual typical version.  I played with it.  I like it….but this one is also not bad.

As always, I’ll let you decide what you think but I hope that you at least like one of them.  Opinion and thoughts are always welcomed.

Live, laugh, love, and let it ride.

~SMH, Montana Rose Photography~

7 thoughts on “Specialty

  1. Now that you’ve told us what that circular thing is, it sort of makes sense. Until you did, I had know idea what it was, which made the picture hard to read. If I were choosing, I’d picture the bottom version.

    That said, there is no wisdom of the crowd. As a photographer friend says, “photograph your bliss.” If you are doing it to make a living, learn to do that well and please your clients. If photography is a side gig, do what you love. You’ve made some wonderful pictures on this last trip. I suspect that’s what you love.

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      • Depends. It wasn’t for me, but I started when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Everything has changed a couple of times since then. For you, you are right. It takes a huge amount of energy to market yourself on social media and more traditional ways. Even then, the crowd is fickle. If I where trying to build something today, I would work very hard at building a huge group of followers across all social media.

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  2. I love the tower but find the statue distracting to be honest. I’m more into nature than human art.
    I see what your trying to do. You want something unique,yours and not anyones else.
    We each see something unique and try to show others our insights.
    I would wait till after sunset,use a long exposure and than with a powerful spot light light paint the mountain. It would be dark all around it (and maybe some star trails?) but the tower would jump out,like 3D.
    Have you ever light painted? You strike me a someone who is always looking to do unique work.

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    • Thank you for your feedback. I was wanting something that people haven’t done a hundred times over but I do see how the framing takes away from it.

      I have never light painted. Embarrassingly, I can’t say that I even know for sure what that is. I’m about to though. Thank you. I am constantly yearning for the uniqueness of it all.


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