Aspire, Inspire

dsc_7111Day four of ridiculous positivity and hope for the new year continues.  I do not know why and as it is uncustomary for me to feel this way….I’m a bit annoyed and waiting for the cement shoes to drop.  Until then, I suppose I will soak it up and just roll with it.

Today, I was thinking about certain people in my life.  I wrote on facebook about releasing the toxins from my life.  This includes toxic people.  It kind of donned on me earlier that toxic people are not always seemingly toxic.  It is a little bit like eating orange seeds.  They are toxic, but it is something that you wouldn’t realize until you have consumed a ridiculous amount of them.  Some people are the same.

These people tend to be uninspired, unmotivated, negative, and just content with existing.  There are few of those in my life.  I think that we all have a few of those.  What I realized, I’m tired of being around those people, which makes me sound and feel like a horrible-horrible person.  I’m grateful for those people and the roll that they played, but as I’ve changed and they seem content just being….I understand why people grow apart.  It is sad, but it is necessary.

This is not to knock them.  That is how their path is meant to be, or so it seems.  I, on the other hand, long for aspiration and inspiration.  I also long to be able to infect people with much of the same.  Positivity, inspiration, aspiration, fire, and passion.  Especially, in a world where we are bombarded with sadness and hatred.  Where there are children in positions of authority because at the time they fooled people into believing they were responsible adults.   Adults that throw fits like two years that got their hands smacked for taking a cookie.  It is just not the time to be loathing in self-existence.  It is a time to make the best out of what we have left of our time.  I know you know what I’m talking about.

I don’t have the words to inspire you to find your aspirations and inspirations, but I also think that we also know what it is like to feel each of those.  Feel those and the fire that burns because of them.  Embrace the flames and let it ride.

I’m sure I will burn out on the positivity, but so far it is relentlessly holding on.  Bear with me.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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