Restricted Time…

DSC_71453I stare at this picture and I wonder if it is flawed.  Like so many before it.  Blurred in areas that don’t immediately standout to me.  One minute it looks soft, the next minute it does not.  This was the best shot that I got of him yesterday, but alas…I feel that it could have been better.

His owner wants one of him.  To join his brother and sister on the wall at home.  I had yet to get a good picture of him that I truly liked.  Until I posted it, I thought that it was this one but I didn’t have enough time to get more.  There is never enough time; especially, when you have to rely on people to help you.

These shots. I have said it before…that I cannot do them alone.  I had asked one.  One of patience and one that respects my methods.  Another insisted on doing it.  One who promotes and claims of support, but one whom rushes me through the process.  “It will only take a couple of minutes,”   they say.  Constantly.  The non-photographer.  The one not holding the camera.  She often dictates how long these shoots will last and it is rarely enough.  I always need more time. Not a lot more time, but enough time to make sure that I get me to the point of satisfaction.  I never get enough when this person helps.

It should be easy, you think.  Politely inform them that you don’t want their help or explain to them the process and ask them not to rush you.  It should be that easy.  Alas, it is not.  The relationship is shaky and the results could be undesirable.  As is often the case when someone is in a position where it is basically their call.  Their call whether you work there.  Whether you can take photos on their property.  You tread lightly, even when you know you should speak.

There are many subjects that I should speak upon.  I have been asked to, but I do not.  Rarely do people ever truly want the truth.  We can say that we do, but when it is involving our character….we do not.  We don’t truly want to know what others consider our flaws.  We most definitely do not want someone to lay them out for us so, depending on the situation, we suffer in silence.  Or suffer in silence at the time and then gripe about it to a reliable confidant.  It is how the world works.  It is how we maintain a balance, for the most part, in our life.  We do what we can to keep the peace.  Most of us anyway.

It may often cause turmoil.  It is really just a matter of which is the lesser of the two evils.  For now, my silence to keep the peace seems like the right move.  This year, I have plans. Plans that I need to follow to see how they play out.  Plans that will determine my next step in the immediate situations.  Like most, I bide my time.  There is always another door.  There is always something in the midst of it all.  We just bide our time until we stumble upon it and make the most.  Find the best.  Even when we think it is flawed.

Often flawed is only in the eyes of the beholder.  At least that is what I’m going with.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

13 thoughts on “Restricted Time…

  1. Settle down, woudja? 🙂

    This picture is wonderful. So, is the white picture. Two of your best. If the owner wants a picture, crop it square like you did in the right column, but leave more the the horse’s rear quarter in the frame.

    All the rest is what we all go through. It’s a reason I charge a fortune to shoot weddings. I don’t really want to. But if I do, I have to answer to too many non-photographers and uncles with a new dslr. Unlike working a second line, I can’t shove Uncle Bob out of my way. So, I might as well get paid well for the pleasure of being yelled at.

    The rest. Yesterday’s post. I think hope is the spirit of 2019. Last year sucked. We can’t do that again.

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  2. I think it’s a beautiful picture. But I don’t know what you consider flaws. I think it’s good te be (very) critical about your own work. But I also think there must be a point of satisfaction as well. May I ask what the help of others consists of? Holding the horse in position? I really have no idea.

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    • Thank you, Mr. Peter. I think part of the problem is that I am just over critical and the more that I look at a picture, the longer I look at it…I can start finding the littlest thing to question.

      As for help, really that is it. Just holding the horse in place so that they do not wonder off or get distracted by the grass.

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  3. over my 40 some odd years of photography,I’ve shot 58 weddings.I do not do weddings anymore.Why?…..because of people interfering with my minds focus.(pun intended)
    So I became a wildlife photographer.I suggest to you to do the same.Take the human out of your equation,so its only you & the animal. Your already half way there anyways because of your affinity for horses.
    Just as a horse has a bridal,you too have are restricted because of another.
    Your choice?

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    • I am working on eliminating the human factor. It is just with these types of shots (this one) that I need help, because I need the horse to stand still(ish) within a certain space. I like doing these, I just need the right helping hand. But I do get your point and it is something I think of often.


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