Lucky Girl….

Her name is Lucky and she is about as feisty as they come.  Up until a couple of months ago, she had only ever knew one home.  She had been born and raised there along with her brother Aiden.  The owner of the barn chose to get out of the bordering business, so their mother brought them to the stable.  I’m glad she did. We do know how I love horsies.

Lucky and Aidan are Connemara ponies.  According to my search, they originated off in Ireland and they are known for versatility and good disposition.  Their mama might argue their good disposition, though.  I kid, neither had been worked for a bit and they are a bit on the younger side.

Lucky has Aidan and Red, Red is a quarter horse ( I believe).  She doesn’t like being separated from them and she lets you know it.  She also doesn’t take too kindly to the other horses getting too close, but they have made themselves at home. Lucky and the boys are fitting in just fine.  I’m happy for that.

As for the pictures, I’d like a do over.  They’re good, but I couldn’t remember what I had my shutter speed set on the last time and went a little low this time.  It shows more in Aidan’s pics than with Lucky’s, but she stood a bit more still.  She was all about the modeling.  I would also like to work on shopping out the halters.  I did it on Aidan’s, but Lucky’s was a bit harder to avoid distorting areas that I felt should be defined.  I don’t know…I like them just the same and hope that you do as well.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

7 thoughts on “Lucky Girl….

    • Yes, I knew that about the size and the work/learning. Both Lucky and Aidan are sweethearts and eager to please. Aidan more than Lucky, but she dances to her own hoof sound. Aidan is actually slightly larger, his owner likes to that he didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to be pony size.

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      • Yeah, that is one thing I have learned. I’m not in the position where i can afford to give one a good home and that when I can…it is definitely not something that will bring in the cash and that is okay. We’ve already established that I would suck at the business part of it anyway. I just want to give them a forever home.


      • It used to cost her about $22K to raise them for two years. The very most she could sell them for was around $20. Now, breeding for other owners is another thing, but hard to get started.

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