Journal Entry #255


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I sit upon a rock, just staring into the blueness of a sky. I bunch on my trail mix. I feel eyes upon me. I look around, but see no one and yet the the holes are burning through me.

I hear tiny little pebbles shuffle and look down, a chipmunk scurries off behind a rock. I go back to my trail mix. The eyes are back.

I look in the direction of the new burning hole, He stands and stares. I dig through the fruits and nuts, and throw a peanut in his direction….he doesn’t take the bait and scurries off again.

I know that I should not feed him. He’s a chipmunk. An animal. A “wild” animal. I should feel threatened by him, I’m sure. With his beady little eyes and puffy little tail. Those tiny little claws. Those are the ones that you have to watch out for. The cheeky little monkeys.

He’s back. Staring at the nut. He looks around, but not in my direction. He takes the nut and runs off behind a far rock. No thank you, no nothing. Cheeky little monkey.

I toss another nut in his direction. A bit closer this time. Not on purpose, but it works. He runs up and a test it. I guess to ensure that it is good enough to take. He munches a bit and then takes it to his hole in the rocks.

I wonder if he has a little chipmunk crew waiting back there. Maybe it is the chipmunk SOA and he is the prospect. In charge of running all the errands and collecting all the food. Checking out the humans to figure out which will feed them and which will run. They’re all sitting around a table with the president of the club. A real Clay Marrow type.

I know I shouldn’t throw another nut. Shame on me, but what’s he going to do. Attack my face. Someone will say yes, but he’s more scared of me. I don’t know where he is anyway. Probably at a meeting. Plotting their next job.

I can’t resist. I toss the nut. He doesn’t see it. I toss another one. Now there are two. Prospect brought a friend. This one looks like Jax. Scoping out the new lead. I will call him Jax. Maybe I should call the other one Opie. Jax and Opie. They discovered both nuts and left. Greedy little guys.

Wait, he’s back. A few feet next to me on the same rock. There’s two now. The little chipmunk is back. Closer now. He’s not the rock next to me. Staring at my bag of trail mix. Now there are eyes on the other side. His buddy is back too. They’re surrounding me. Maybe I really should be scared of this little mini motorcycle crew.

Nah. I doubt it. The wind blew and shifted the edge of my shirt. They took off running and now it is time for me to go.

~2018 SMH~

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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