This Old House…

DSC_8616This is an old house that sits upon a horse rescue that I visited while in South Dakota.  It is an original homestead that has been left in its place because that is how the owner likes it.  I love that.  However, I couldn’t decide which I loved more…the black and white version or the color version.  I’ll let you decide which you prefer more.  DSC_8616bwHave a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

3 thoughts on “This Old House…

  1. “This old guitar ain’t mine to keep. Just taking care of it now. it’s been around for years and years.” — Neil Young.

    Same thing about houses. Our house was built in 1854. We own it but, we are just taking care of it.

    The picture. The BW works really well. Do you have something a little looser? That would enhance a more isolated feel.

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