Russel says….

DSC_1624.jpgSleep on it….or he’s saying, “I do not see you…you do not exist.”  Nice days have Mr. Russel a little unsociable these days.  Probably because they rare and do not last.  Mother Nature has some serious attitude this year.  50s one day and then drops back down to the 30s.  I think that we get one more day in the 50s this week and then it starts dropping again.  Have to love winter…or not, either way I am ready for spring weather that stays.

As for the picture, I don’t know how I feel about it.  I feel rusty and as if I’ve forgotten how to take pictures.  I’ve probably said that before.  I think that I got lucky enough to have some decent shots out of this batch.  I like this one, I’m just not sure it is doing what I want.  I’ll probably revisit it.  In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this one.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

One thought on “Russel says….

  1. That looks to be one contented cat – until the snow flies once more…(we had a glimpse, tantalizingly brief, of spring last week, but then the snow returned! Up here, no real sign of spring can be expected until into May, but we always hope for earlier!)


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