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DSC_0607Or something.   Either way, I’m not sure that I have posted this particular angle of this beauty.  I couldn’t find it any of my “already used” photos anyway.  I’ve also played around with it, so even if I have….it should be different.  Should being the key word.  Just the same, I hope you like him.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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If all…

DSC_0465The snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes, oh what a snow that would be or something like something.  If you have ever once heard that song, it is now stuck in your head…you are welcome.

I’m pretty sure that this is Phoebe’s dismay at having her photo taken, though.  Oh well, it makes me smile and it wouldn’t be a photo shoot if at least one animal did not stick its tongue out.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Walk on….

DSC_0504The wild side in a winter wonderland.   This is Tallulah quite the little prowless.  When I first started out at the farm she was not one for petting and being held.  Now she is all over me when she seems me.  Maybe I have a way with animals, maybe it is the fact that I feed her, or maybe she is just changing her ways.  Whatever it is, I’ll take it.  I adore her.  Hope that you like her pictures.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow. DSC_0507.jpgMontana Rose Photography


DSC_99942This is another one of those “not the best” photos but worth sharing, because I think that it is an amazing photo. Not the coloring. Not the exposure. Not the lighting.  No, not any of that.  I think this is an amazing photo, because I think it shows what he was feeling at the moment.

Mr. Trent had bronchitis the night of this photo, but he didn’t want to cancel the concert.  Even sick he put on an amazing show, but this moment….this moment was for him. He was struggling to sing and asked the audience for help, of course we know knew the lyrics and most of the people starting to sing. I didn’t, because nobody wants to hear that.  And though it wouldn’t have mattered, because no one would have cared-I did and so I didn’t.  This was Trent closing his eyes and just taking in the fact that so many people knew his music and were just singing along. He was just taking it all in.

So, again…I know that it is not necessarily the greatest picture, but I hope that you like it too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

The Colt…

DSC_0034I would be lying if I said that this guy didn’t make my night.  I first saw him long ago.  2013, I believe at the Hollywood Casino in Columbus, OH.  He was playing with Keith Anderson.

Beyond his striking good looks, he is amazingly talented.  I had also caught his eye and he stopped, looked at me, and smiled so I could take a picture.  There was a woman in front of me that was pretty sure he was staring at her.  He was not.  My friends knew.  The woman, she was less than happy when she figured it out too.  Oh, the look I got from her.  This moment was not in my head, everyone knew.  My friends and I still joke about it.

I had thought about keeping that moment to myself, but it is worth the share. I have several moments worth sharing, but not all the pictures are on digital. Oh, the days of film.  I have a craft tub full of printed pictures and autographs and I’m not talking some shoe box type either.  Trust me it is a lot.  Maybe I will dig them out to tell those stories. Of course, that is if you would like to hear.

Anyway, that night all those years ago…I chose not to try to meet him. I didn’t really realize that was an option until we had gotten in line to meet Keith.  Then I saw people talking to Mr. Colt and well we stayed in line and so I missed my opportunity.  One I waited four years to have again.  Merry Christmas to me.

Dec 22, 2017.  I was having a bad day. Nothing fit the way it was supposed to. I was feeling old and out of shape.  Normally I was excited for concert nights, this night I was just over it and part of me had honestly contemplated not going but I did. I spent the money and I truly, truly hate wasting money.  Then I thought that I was going to have to sit by myself.  My friend and her husband were at table 15 and I was at table 14.  You would think these tables would be next to each other…they were not.  Whoever set up the tables put table 15  on one side of the pit (fenced off area where everyone could go and stand) and 14 on the other side.  By this point, I was completely over it.

As I sat there, my friend came over to talk.  As it got closer to start time for the boys, it became apparent that no one else bought seats at my table (or at least they didn’t show up) and so my friends ended up coming over and sitting with me.  Then Colt Prather came out on stage.  My mood lifted.

I decided to hang around after the concert to try to meet him officially.  We are “Friends” on Facebook for whatever that is worth and I had wished him a happy birthday in which he responded.  He’s really just that kind of guy, I think.  Anyway, when he saw me standing there he gave me a one-arm hug and said that it was good to see me as it had been a while.  I agreed.

We were going to take a picture, but he was in high demand and asked for a few minutes, so that he could just come down to us (he was still standing on the stage).  After a while, he disappeared off stage and I waited. I waited. I waited.  The group to see him had grown larger and I was hanging off outside the group.  I’m just not that girl and I’m barely that kind of fan.

After a bit, I was kind of convinced that he was not going to come back.   It was now late. The concert hadn’t started until 1045 and it was now after midnight if not 1am.  It was okay. I felt like I’d have another opportunity…I hope. Maybe.  Probably.  Maybe not.  Who really knows?  Anyway, so I left and messaged him telling him that he owed me a picture.  He messaged back and said that he had come back looking for me.  He had to put his gear on the bus…I didn’t wait long enough.  Story of my life.  I have really got to work on that patience thing.

Still…it was a moment.  One that makes me smile and shake my head. Those are the kind that I like.  With that said, I hope that you didn’t mind hearing about it.
Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

The Light….

DSC_9973BWI know that this is not the best pic, but I like the way that the light is illuminating his front.  I’m short and it never fails that when I go to a concert…everyone who is at least two inches taller…well, they always end up in front of me. With that said, I couldn’t get the angles I wanted or as close as I needed to. I was struggling but I got some good shots and I don’t hate this one.  Hope that you don’t either.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography


DSC_04702bw2Jay and Gordy.  Two of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in a while. I think all horses tend to be beautiful.  Some more than others, but there is something about these two.  Unfortunately, Jay won’t be staying at the farm.  She is still too green and won’t work for what they need her for.  From a business perspective it makes sense. I have to keep telling myself that, but I hate to see her go and hope that she is able to find a good home.

She will be going back to the thoroughbred rescue she came from in Pennsylvania.  They have crazy stipulations for their adopters, but that can be good for the horses. Sadly, we will never know but here’s to hoping for the best for this beautiful girl.  I’d take her if I could.  Cheap wine dreams.

It is the moments like this though that make me realize  I’ll probably never be able to do “horse business”.  Where you have to make decisions whether it is financially feasible to keep a  horse.   I want to keep them all. Every dog. Every cat. Every horse. If I could afford it, I’d have a ranch full of animals.  A town full of animals.  How crazy would that be?

As for this picture.  I’m still working on the black background.  This picture, it was not taken in a barn. It was taken in the run-ins during the Christmas Eve snow.  The background was perfectly exposed, so I played with it.  I like how it looks.  I’m sure that it is not as natural as some of those other black background pics, but I like it just the same. Hope that you do too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

December Weddings

DSC_07002.jpgI will be sharing more over time, but for now…just the one. One of the bride and groom’s favorite.  They got married just shy of a week ago.  A December wedding.

The bride was a friend of mine. My concert partner.  We’ve known each other for years. It always makes me nervous doing weddings and so far I’ve only done one stranger’s wedding and she was a stranger, her mother was not. So far, all wedding parties have been satisfied which makes me incredibly happy.  I think that as far as weddings go.  This one is second best.  Both of the last two were improvements over the first, but each had their own good moments and their own bad moments. I think that is probably true for all photographers and any photo shoot.

We will see over time if I can continue to improve. I hope so, that is my intent.  I plan on focusing a bit more on my photography this year. I think that I’ve said that before.  I am trying to buy things that will benefit me in that category.  Small, affordable things.  The big thing that I want, I am setting money aside for that.  I’m trying to set money aside for a lot of things….I have a lot of cheap wine dreams and a pond water budget, so we will see what 2018 has in store for me.

One of the things that I bought was an external flash.  I had one before, but it was extremely cheap.  Batteries died quickly.  It would stay positioned correctly and I’m not sure where it has gone anyways.  I’ve not seen it in quite a while.  This one is a better quality and I’ve really loved some of the shots that it has provided.  I used it somewhat during the wedding.  I was allowed to use it during the ceremony, which I quickly decided against because it makes this annoying beeping noise when settings change….yeah, really need to figure out how to shut that off.  I can also adjust other settings on it, which the other did not do.  It was interesting playing around with it and figuring out what worked and what did not work, but I also amuse easily.

As for this shot.  It is my first ring shot.  Rings without hands, I mean.  I’ve never had the guts to ask a bride and groom for the rings so that I could do this.   It still isn’t exactly what I wanted, but they like it and I need to remember that as long as the bride and groom are happy. The ones receiving the pictures…that is really all that matters.

With that said, I’m happy with this shoot.  I’m happy that they trusted me with it.  It seemed there were a couple of relatives that may have questioned my ability, but that could have just been their personality.  I digress though. It was not them that I was completely worried about impressing.  I’m happy with the shots I got. I am. I just would have been happier if I’d bought back up batteries for my flash.  That, though, is a story for another day.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography