DSC_9510c2Jay.  Her original name is JK. I cannot remember her registered name, but the place that she came from called her JK, we didn’t like it and I suggested that we could just call her Jay…so Jay she became.   Four year old retired harness horse.  Standardbred.  I didn’t realize how young they started these horses, but she’s in a good home now.  Hopefully. She is on trial to see if she will work out.  She’s young and needs work, I think she just needs love and a home…but alas it is not up to me. I think she’ll stay.  Here’s to hoping.

I edited this picture. The original wasn’t bad. I don’t hate it and maybe eventually I’ll post it.  I just didn’t love it.  The sun was high and harsh.  It was late afternoon and even though it was going to be getting dark in only a few hours, the sun wasn’t quite at that  great mark where it was just right for the taking.  And of course with horses, you can never get them to stand where you want and when you want and how you want. I worked with what I had.  I actually made a couple of different versions of this photo, but I really like this one.  I hope you do too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

2 thoughts on “Stunningly

  1. This is a pretty good picture, given what you wrote. Of course you can get a horse to stand where you want…. it’s just like working with my cocker spaniels. You tell them to stay where you want them to and then walk to another place because that’s where they are going. 🙂

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