Save a Turkey….

DSC_3357.jpgEat a potato? I was going to name another meat source, but that seemed hypocritical or  something.  Truth be told, I don’t care. I’m quite guilty of eating meat. I can’t remember the last time I actually had a turkey, though. I want to say last year, but it wasn’t for Thanksgiving.  No. My family decided last year that it was cheaper to go to Golden Corral…I’m not going to state my opinion on the matter.  Actually, maybe I will.

I guess I’m one of the few people that still believes in an old fashion holiday. Businesses should be closed. Meals should be made. Families should get together.  Naps should be taken. Football.  The whole nine yards.  Not dining at the local buffet.  And that is being nice.  I’m not a fan of Golden Corral, but to each their own.

It may be in small part also to the fact that I love cooking and baking and have big dreams of sitting around with a family that enjoys being around the table with all the family members.  Kids playing and laughing. Everyone being included in the talking, laughing, and memory making.  I know pipe dreams.

With it being Thanksgiving in the states…I wish all of you a happy one.  May it be more than just another day.  If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving for whatever reason-may it still be a happy Thursday (or whatever day it is where you are) and make it a good one.  Everyday counts, don’t let it be just another one.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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