Two sides….

DSC_8273Sometimes three.  In the case of this picture…four.  The original, the original edited version, and then these two versions.

No soapboxes today.  I just want people to enjoy the pictures.  They are two of my favorites.  I hope that you like them too.
DSC_8273cbHave a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

4 thoughts on “Two sides….

    • This wasn’t referencing that. I found out about that after this post.

      And I didn’t really lose it, I’m just not the only Montana Rose Photography on Facebook now. I did everything short of Trademarking my name so now there is someone else on Facebook that decided to list theirs as Montana Rose Photography as well. So, it is just no longer an original name. Even though it was when I created it.

      Frustrated and unsure what to do, because I don’t have that kind of cash laying around to trademark it.


      • Hmmm… when I first started 500 years ago 😂, the advice that I was given was to always use my last name in some form. But, with a name like mine who else is going to use it? I’ve never looked into trademarks so I have no idea about cost. I also don’t take Facebook as seriously as maybe I should, since my clients never come from there. That said, you could turn this into a marketing opportunity by changing your business name and making a big deal out of it, by maybe adding some kind of time limited sale. Something like that. Just a thought.

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