To be or Not to be…

DSC_0879 (2)c.jpgReal that is?  Is this picture real?  Well, I guess if were to get all philosophical…the answer would probably be in the realms of existential theorizing. How was that for wordy?

The way this picture looks now?  Not real. In a manner of speaking.  I love how this picture looks now, but I played around with it.  I posted the original some time ago, but I decided take liberties with advise I’ve been given and played around with it.  However, it got me thinking.  About what is real and what is not.

By no means do I mean in an existentialist way.  No, so don’t worry this won’t be philosophical.  Well, maybe. No…I won’t.

I have just been wondering lately how many like my work (photography, writing, and painting) because it is actually good. I know that the followers of my blog do. At least I hope.  No, I know that you do.   Others though….lately, it seems like there are alternative motives lurking in every gesture.

It actually has me thinking of the #METOO campaign that lasted like two days and then went away to the wastelands of the poor and forgotten.  For those that do not know the #METOO.  It was directed at women to post to indicate that they had been victims of sexual assault or harassment.  Of course for anyone paying attention, we know that it is not just women-but that is not my point.

I have never been a victim of assault. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and turmoil that causes.  I know that things I have experienced do qualify as harassment, but I still have a hard time to saying that because my stories are nothing compared to the ones that I have  heard.  My heart aches for the way that people feel that they can treat other people.

What does this have to do with my point on hand?  I’m not sure, but it is what came to mind as I was thinking about some current situations. People liking my photography and buying my paintings. A few men. Maybe because they like my work, but also because they feel that it will give them an edge of getting closer to me than just being friends or someone to discuss art and photography with.  I should feel flattered, but I don’t. Is that wrong?

I say this because I have been blatantly hit on or later hit on.  I am clarifying this, because I think that my original post have been taken out of context.  I can tell the difference and those hitting on me are not subtle about it.   It is not anyone from the blogging world. These are encounters outside in the “real” world and on Facebook where I have had to block people that would not leave me alone and it wasn’t for the sake of my photography and painting.

Now back to my point, I enjoy my work. Sometimes even I can admit that is good, beautiful. Like the photo above. I don’t like feeling like it is not my work that is appreciated it and that it is only a ploy to get closer to me.  Which also seems weird, because I know that is usually how the old fashion way of getting to know someone works.  In these particular instances, it just feels wrong and uncomfortable.  Trying to talk to me about my work, while hitting on me at the same time.   Or just using my page to hit on me.  Or trying to take our friendship to levels that they were not once at and haven’t been at in the decade plus that we’ve known each other.

I know that seems like rambling and they are probably are. It just makes it hard to know what is real and what is not at times.   What is genuine and what is not. But alas…I digress.  I still trust my gut, but there are times when I wonder.   Mainly because I am losing my train of thought.

Anyway, this photo. The original was not bad. I may have said that, I was just bored and played around with some filters. I like this photo better.  I hope you do too.

**Full disclosure, this is not referring to my blog. This is coming from experiences on Facebook and in person. **

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

5 thoughts on “To be or Not to be…

  1. I believe that you are over thinking things. For me, I started commenting here a long time ago because I thought you are sincere in what you are trying to do. Most aren’t. You’ve read my comments about learning photography in ten minutes. 🙂 That said, I’m very happily married. My wife is my best friend. I can’t speak for others, but we would all drive ourselves crazy if we dug deeper than need be. As Willie Nelson said, “I’d be older than I already am if I worried so much.”

    Your pictures. Do what you want. They are your pictures. I like this version of this picture. But, that’s my opinion. Everybody has one.

    One more thing. People leave WordPress all the time. I suspect if it wasn’t to document and publicize a short term project, they didn’t get what they expected. I just cleaned out the blogs that I follow. I gave myself a cut off date of six months without a post. I ended up removing about 50% of people that I followed. They were long gone before I looked.

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    • I do tend to overthink things, and I know that the ones on here are genuine. I was speaking more in terms of Facebook in which the experience has been different. I can tell the difference and usually the ones hitting on me are not being subtle. I was just trying not to overindulge in details. I do see your point, though.


  2. Like the photo! As for the rest, too many people are abusing positions of trust/responsibility – and you have to say that social media has given voice to revealing the level of abuse. That’s something of a positive, although I’ll never be on Facebook etc. I shudder thinking of it – too much of an introvert!

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    • Thank you! This is one of my favorites out of the ones that I was playing around with last night.

      Social media really has given people the platform they need to share their voice. I commend you for not joining the ranks of Facebook. I wish that I had just stayed off of it. Now, I can just never seem to break free.

      Have an amazing evening!


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