Monarch me….

DSC_8232With butterflies, not government.  The government takes everything and messes it all up, but I try really hard to not discuss politics in polite company-so I will stay off that soapbox. (I originally said don’t, because more of than not-I don’t, but sometimes…you just have to).

Besides.  This guy…he’s too beautiful to be associated with something that causes headaches and stress and anger.  He was also quite the model.  Maybe a little bit too much so.  He even followed me for a minute after I walked away.  That may have been a coincidence, but there wasn’t really any reason for him to go in the same direction as me.  So, take that for what you will…I will take it that he was follow me.  He apparently wanted his five minutes of fame.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

3 thoughts on “Monarch me….

    • It is often hard to be polite these days. At least I find it so. I try, but sometimes those soapboxes get the best of me. However, as you said there beauty out there and I try (and know you do as well) to hold on to that. And thank you! He was the only guy to land long enough for me to photograph that day.


  1. Nice capture! Yes it is best to be “polite” LOL. I try hard to keep my politeness in order as much as possible 🙂 Even though I go to blogs that are not in my line of thinking, I know some others get really upset when opinions don’t fit with their own thinking. I know with all the polarization it is best to keep political feeling to oneself on a blog that ones likes read! At least this is my thinking for me. However when I see others that jump into strong feelings they have I am okay with it most of the time agree or not 🙂

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