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DSC_7469I am still struggling so I won’t say that I’m back.  Staying off of social media is a bit harder for me than I thought.  I think that it is because all I do is sit at home when I’m not working.  Then I get bored and then I jump on social media.  I’ve not been posting as much, but the goal was to take a step back all together.  However, I’ve not been good about that and so since I posted this guy on Facebook, I thought that I should post him here as well.

If you can’t tell from the picture, he had just finished rolling around in the dirt.  Sir Duke, the half-linger…the king of the pasture.  At least he thinks he is.  There are a couple of others that probably could take reign, but they just don’t seem to care to.  So, he gets to be.

I will leave it at that for now.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography


Old Days….

DSC_7060.jpgNot that I have been thinking about the old days.  I actually haven’t, but that is what this picture makes me think about.

It is a Minolta 35mm.  For you younger kids that have no idea what that means, it means that this a 35mm film camera.  Not a DSLR, not a digital camera that has incorporated film (do those exist, I was thinking that they do).  No, this camera borders on vintage as it is just straight film with no digital aspects.   I would hope that people still know what those are, but there really is just no telling these days.

Anyway, this camera was given to me as a gift.  A gift from an uncle whom thinks that I take amazing photos and would get good use out of this camera that he had that was just collecting dust.  I jumped at it, because I’ve been wanting a film camera for a while.  I haven’t had one in quite a while.  I’ve never been easy on cameras and when my last film camera went kaput, Santa bought me my first digital point and shoot and I’ve been digital ever since.

I don’t even know if there is any place that still develops film. I’m sure that there is. There has to be.  Creating my own darkroom and learning the ins and outs of that is a goal, but right now I’m not sure that I have the knowledge, space, or finances to really make that work at this point in time.  It will happen, I’m just not sure when.

What I am sure of….this camera it is a representation of a time that was simpler.  At least to me.  I was more certain.  I was less focused on creating a shot that people would like and just capturing a shot.  I’ve had that moment, but sometimes those moments get lost in the editing when I’m looking at a picture.  That is a whiny soapbox, that I’m not going to step on but it is there.

This week has been a little focused on loss.  For those that have been able t read between the lines, not just the loss of a person…but of me.  I’ve had no real desire to pick up my cameras in months.  The last couple of times that I have, the pictures had no real substances (except for maybe the few MG pictures that I posted).  I have no real desire to even really paint.  Every time that I’ve done a painting, I’ve wanted to trash it and throw all of my supplies out.  I haven’t…that crap is expensive, but I’m sure you’ve picked up on my point.

For now, I feel that I need to walk away.  Take a step back and clear my head.  I still have a ton of Badland pictures that I’ve not posted.  Some of them, I need to go back to the originals.  I don’t know what I was thinking in the editing stage.  Those will be posted eventually.  Eventually, I would like to think that I will also have new photos to post, but for now-I’m taking a step back from all creative crafts and social media.   I will return, but I cannot honestly say when.  I’ve tried before and it has lasted a day or so, but for now I bid adieu.

I would like to hope that you, my awesome followers and supporters, will still be here when I return-but I get it if you are not.  Each of you rocks and I greatly appreciate you.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography


In the Eye….

DSC_1009.jpgOf so many things…so many things come to light.

In the eye of a storm (Metaphorically), we see the light.  At least we are supposed to.  So many things come to light at different times.

When I look at this picture above, so many things run through my mind.  First off, that my ‘Montana Rose Photography’ is too big.  A couple of weeks ago, I posted a ram picture to the Blackhills’ facebook page.  Someone commented on it stating that the ‘company name’ distracted from the subject.  That was even though the subject took up more of the picture than this guy does.  It bothered me and I’ve teetered with how to handle future postings ever since.  It was an innocent statement, or so it would seem.  Still, it set with an unsettling twinge in mind.

The second thing is…what kind of person am I?  To me this boy is beautiful.  To me, this beautiful boy and all the other beautiful creatures out there…they are to look at and nothing else.  Unless of course they let you love on them, then there is that.

But hunting. Killing them.  It is not for me.  I hate trophy hunting.  I think it should be banned.  I’m not a huge fan of regular hunting, but I understand the initial point (food not sport).  So, how can I hate those things and yet like someone who doesn’t?  How can I find out someone that some I held in regard was found guilty of shooting a caged bear and yet, I cannot bring myself to change my opinion of him?  It feels like it was just a minor lapse of judgment. But was it?  I mean, to go into a wildlife preserve and shoot a bear?  One that had been given a name.  A ridiculous one, but a name none the less. A bear that apparently loved people?  How does one do that?

With that said,  if I had known about it at the time, would I have reacted differently?  Or would I still have been disappointed in it, but not ****ed off like I was when Cecil the Lion was killed?  And either way, what does that say about me?  It seems moot at this point, as this person has since passed.  Still, should I feel differently?  We always find out the deep dark secrets when someone has passed on and I wonder.  I wonder because I feel like my opinion should waver, but it doesn’t.  I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.   And in the eye of this news and the news that preceded it…I find myself questioning myself.

In the eye of this guy.  My beautiful buffalo boy.  Well, I could get all sappy and all that, but we know how I feel about buffalo (and almost all wild and “wild” animals) at this point.  I mean, there’s nothing that I can say that I’ve not said a hundred times over.  All you really have to do is look into the eye of the picture.  Yes, I went there.

Hope that you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

That’s Okay…

DSC_0063 (2)2.jpgMy last blog didn’t fair well.  I’m learning that I probably just shouldn’t schedule them in advance.  Those fare a lot less well than the once I just do right then or there. Or it could just be that no one liked it and that is okay too.

I could ramble on, but I will not.  The post don’t fare as well either and that is okay too.  I hope this picture fares a little bit better though.  It is edited, but only slightly.  There are two versions, this one above and the one below.  I’ll let you guess what I edited. Shouldn’t be hard to see.  I’ll even give you a hint.  The one below….it makes me feel like I’m looking at a car ad.  This seems like the kind of scene most of them edge towards these days.  And that is okay too.

DSC_0063 (2).jpg

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography



DSC_6607Yesterday, I posted about being lost.  I didn’t really expect that to be followed up by a life lost.  A couple actually (That I know of.  There are a lot of people, so I’m sure there were more).  I can only post of the ones that I know. That hit me.  And that was two.  One much more than the other.  DSC_6609I have been holding on to these pictures for about a month now.  This is actually only a portion of them.  And truth is, I didn’t love them and I wasn’t sure that they worthy of sharing.  I’m still not sure that they are.  I struggled as I thought…I’ll get better pictures next concert.  Sadly…devastatingly…there will not be another concert. No.  One half of this amazing duo lost his life yesterday afternoon.  My heart is broken.  DSC_6619Troy Gentry.  The one without the hat.  He left this world at the age of 50 due to a helicopter crash.  So, these were the last of the pictures for me and probably some of the last recent ones that are circulating of him.

I’m still having a hard time believing it.  I saw him just barely less than a month ago.  Goofy off, entertaining.  Everything that I’ve ever seen him do several times before and the things that he was most famous for.  This man, this duo they have been in my top five since they came out.

I never thought that I’d be one of those fans that was absolutely heartbroken over a loss like this.   Truth is, I’m not one of those “fans” that gets all up in arms over a celebrity.  They’re human.  It also seems strange to me to mourns someone who I’ve never actually met.  Still, upon reading the words from the official MG facebook page, tears filled my eyes and I could feel my heart breaking.  This has happened only once before and it is still strange to me how we can often ache over the loss of someone we do not actually know.  Maybe it is the loss of my own life o that yet another iconic fixture in my life gone.  Maybe it is the image of the men that I believe these two to be.  The kind of people who you just know brighten the world a bit. That was a little sappy, but just the same.  Who knows the answers?  The mind, the heart…they are strange little things.  DSC_6623My heart aches mainly for his friends and family. I mourn the loss of music that will now never be made. The concerts that will never happen.  Some of it is selfish, some of it is not.  I cannot even begin to imagine what his family is going through and I’d do anything for them to not have to feel this pain.  There is already so much going on in the world, this was just one more thing to make it a little bit sadder.  At least for some of us.  DSC_6626I’m not really sure what to say. What would do it justice.  My thoughts are a bit scrambled and probably not coming out the way that I intended.  I just hope that my pictures do.  The ones that I’ve chosen to post today.  I hope that they show some sense of care and honor.  I also repeat these words as his voice rings in my head singing the very ones:

‘So now I’m slowing it down and I’m looking around
And I’m lovin’ this town and I’m doing alright
Ain’t worried ’bout nothing except the man I wanna be
I’m thinking it’s time to be livin’ the rhyme
When I’m singing a song about nothing but right
And it’d sure be nice if you would roll with me

Who knows what’s up ahead
I think I’d rather not know instead’

I can picture him living these words and maybe it is best that we don’t know what is up ahead.  I think so many of us would do a lot less living if we did.  So, here’s to living each day a little bit more, because we truly do not know when it will end.  So, here’s to you, Mr. Troy Gentry.  May you rest in peace, may your family find as much peace as possible in this situation, and may you keep rolling on.  I never got the chance to actually meet you, but I’m pretty sure that you are every bit the man who I envisioned you to be off stage.  Sing high and go rest on that mountain.
DSC_6627bwAs for tomorrow:  Lord, I hope this day is good.  It will be a little sadder, but I hope that it can be good for some of us.

For those that picked up on it, the other loss was one Mr. Don Williams.  The first song I heard was “Lord, I hope this day is good.”  And that song often plays in my head.  It could be that it rings so very true for me most days anymore.

‘Lord, I hope this day is good
I’m feelin’ empty and misunderstood
I should be thankful Lord, I know I should
But Lord, I hope this day is good

Lord, have you forgotten me
I’ve been prayin’ to you faithfully
I’m not sayin’ I’m a righteous man
But Lord, I hope you understand’

The CD I own has been played many of times.  It will be rotated between Montgomery Gentry CDs for a while.  It just seems right.  So, Mr. Williams, may you also sing high and rest upon that mountain.  I can see you and Mr. Gentry playing guitar and singing a duet.  I smile, because I can only imagine how that would be and I’d definitely pay to see it.

I have rambled enough for now.  Rest in peace, Mr. Williams and Mr. Gentry.  Thank you for the songs and the memories.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography