Old Days….

DSC_7060.jpgNot that I have been thinking about the old days.  I actually haven’t, but that is what this picture makes me think about.

It is a Minolta 35mm.  For you younger kids that have no idea what that means, it means that this a 35mm film camera.  Not a DSLR, not a digital camera that has incorporated film (do those exist, I was thinking that they do).  No, this camera borders on vintage as it is just straight film with no digital aspects.   I would hope that people still know what those are, but there really is just no telling these days.

Anyway, this camera was given to me as a gift.  A gift from an uncle whom thinks that I take amazing photos and would get good use out of this camera that he had that was just collecting dust.  I jumped at it, because I’ve been wanting a film camera for a while.  I haven’t had one in quite a while.  I’ve never been easy on cameras and when my last film camera went kaput, Santa bought me my first digital point and shoot and I’ve been digital ever since.

I don’t even know if there is any place that still develops film. I’m sure that there is. There has to be.  Creating my own darkroom and learning the ins and outs of that is a goal, but right now I’m not sure that I have the knowledge, space, or finances to really make that work at this point in time.  It will happen, I’m just not sure when.

What I am sure of….this camera it is a representation of a time that was simpler.  At least to me.  I was more certain.  I was less focused on creating a shot that people would like and just capturing a shot.  I’ve had that moment, but sometimes those moments get lost in the editing when I’m looking at a picture.  That is a whiny soapbox, that I’m not going to step on but it is there.

This week has been a little focused on loss.  For those that have been able t read between the lines, not just the loss of a person…but of me.  I’ve had no real desire to pick up my cameras in months.  The last couple of times that I have, the pictures had no real substances (except for maybe the few MG pictures that I posted).  I have no real desire to even really paint.  Every time that I’ve done a painting, I’ve wanted to trash it and throw all of my supplies out.  I haven’t…that crap is expensive, but I’m sure you’ve picked up on my point.

For now, I feel that I need to walk away.  Take a step back and clear my head.  I still have a ton of Badland pictures that I’ve not posted.  Some of them, I need to go back to the originals.  I don’t know what I was thinking in the editing stage.  Those will be posted eventually.  Eventually, I would like to think that I will also have new photos to post, but for now-I’m taking a step back from all creative crafts and social media.   I will return, but I cannot honestly say when.  I’ve tried before and it has lasted a day or so, but for now I bid adieu.

I would like to hope that you, my awesome followers and supporters, will still be here when I return-but I get it if you are not.  Each of you rocks and I greatly appreciate you.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography


2 thoughts on “Old Days….

  1. I like this photo of an old school camera! My older brother back in the UK has a few film cameras, and likes to use them. The images seem warmer, the visual equivalent of listening to vinyl, but that could just be nostalgia talking…
    Enjoy your digital break, however long it is, and perhaps you’ll be back, ready and recharged.

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