Down the Middle (Thoughts-long)

DSC_7284That is where I am at right  now.  Stuck in the middle.  Between so may passions and so many decisions and so many wants.

The picture above.  It is a painting.  One that I did.  One that I’ve sold.  The biggest sale to date actually.   The picture below.  A repost to this blog, but just a photo.  One that right now is just getting lost amongst the masses.  I’m not whiny.  It has just made me think.

I started painting ‘seriously’ since last summer sometime.  Stick figures are pushing it for my drawing talent and I had always associated painting with the ability to draw.  Then I discovered abstract art, which didn’t really require me to have to have perfectly defined lines and shapes.   People started liking what I was creating.

At the time, I was only sharing them with a very limited number of people.  They kept telling me that they were good enough to sale, but I kept saying no.  I’m not an artist. I can’t draw.  I pour paint on a canvas and hope for the best.  Eventually, someone did finally ask to buy one.  Since then I have sold three more.  In three months I’ve already had an easier time selling four paintings than in the six-seven years since I seriously started pursuing photography.  Kind of made me step back say, “Hmmm” (Don’t worry-I won’t break out in song.  For those that know that is actually a song).

I love photography.  I love getting outside and shooting, but we all know by now that this path has had me more frustrated than anything.  I also know that people get tired of seeing the same types of pictures, but I can only post what I have.  I also cannot express enough love for all of you that have continued to follow and like my blog.  You all rock (as do the those that have supported me regardless).

I’ve always struggled between the realms of many roads.  I’m the girl that has always been looking for the place in which she belongs and yet never freakin’ manages to do so.  It has resulted in a lot of changes, a lot of paths, and a lot of dreams come and gone.  I’ve also always gauged my worth and my path on the acceptance of others….most of you have probably already figured that out.  It has been part of the reason photography has been such a frustrating feat for me and why I struggle with writing.

However, to be fair-I’ve only really shared my photography online.  I took paintings and dream catchers to a flea market this past Sunday, and it is interesting watching people.  Actually being able to hear people; especially, when they don’t realize that the artist and the crafter is sitting right there.  Fortunately, there was only one negative review but it from some young girl whom thinks dream catchers are just crap.  And her comment wasn’t in direct correlation with my work as much as it was how a friend of hers was into crap like dream catchers.

The point is, it gave me a different platform and people seemed to really enjoy my art.  There were several people whom were really, really interested but as I learned-a flea market isn’t really for the big spenders.  It is for the $5 bargainers, as I was told multiple times.  It made me realize what I’ve already been told by many supportive bloggers, friends, and what have you—it is all about find the right platform.

I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to find the exact right platform, but for now-I’m trying.  With the increase of love for my paintings (I have a special order that I will begin to work on this week), it has made me ponder the future of Montana Rose…not my photography.

I will not be stopping photography.  I do plan on prints that ready made for sales.  If people request my services, I will still do it. However, the future as far as whether there will be a name change to combine it with my art? I don’t know.  If I will change my focus to just animals and scenery, I honestly do not know.  For now, I will continue to post pictures to this blog.  They may also include pictures of my paintings.  Whatever the case may be, I hope that you continue with me on this ride.  I’m interested to see what becomes and would love to be able to share.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

DSC_9204bwMontana Rose Photography

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