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DSC_0659 (2)I wonder sometimes what people consider art.   I wonder how one piece can be chosen over another.  Art is such a “perceptive” category.  I mean, it is all a matter of perception.  What one perceives as beauty.  What one perceives as unique.  What one considers to be “art”.  It is intimidating to an extent.

The art show that I would like to participate in, it is a juried show.  This means that I would basically compete for a position in the show.  I submit an entry CD and application, which is then reviewed by one person.  One person that determines whether or not you are in.  Then the day of the show, attendees of the show can vote for their favorite artist.   Yeah.

The show that I will be submitting entries for, it won’t be until next year.  However, they had a show this past Sunday, so we went to check it out.  I wanted to see if I should even waste my time. After walking around,  the others that I was with…well they determined that it would definitely be the place for my photography and even paintings.  I’d be lying if I said that I was as sure.  I’m really not sure that I should waste my time.

Besides the financial aspect of the commitment, there is the artistic one.  Do I even fit in?

There was a wildlife photographer.  She had some nice pieces.  They were decent.   There was another photograph that uses a 4×5 technical field camera.  His stuff was amazing in the aspect that they were places that I would have loved to photograph myself.  I also loved that it was film.  There was also glass work, jewelry, and some paintings.  No fluid art, this made me wonder if it was because fluid art may not be considered art.  It could also be because that there are no fluid artists in the area.  I really don’t know, but it was questioning.  Then there was man.  One that baffled and intrigued me at the same time.

There are some talented street artist out there.  I cannot deny this, but I’m not one for street art.  This man was selling street art….on pieces of cardboard.  He was not just displaying it for the show with hopes that someone would buy it…people actually were buying it.  Street art…on cardboard torn from an old box.  That sounds judgy and I don’t mean for it to.  Well, maybe a bit.

So many times I’ve tried for a competition, even the Blackhills’ fan of the week, and lost to pieces that make me scratch my head and wonder, “why?”  This guy he had a originality.  I mean, that takes a serious set of spurs to put street art on cardboard and submit it to a jury/judged anything.  But others’ no more original or better than my own, that is not arrogance.  Maybe a bit, but when you know your pieces are good…even you have to admit it sometimes.  And I don’t admit it often, so….

Like the wildlife photographer, she had a picture of a squirrel in a tree.  I love squirrels as much as the next person.  The three squirrels that sit out on my patio, in my patio chairs, taunting the zone…they make me laugh, but this picture.  It was good, but was it great?  It seemed a little dull to me as far as color, but that is only my perception. I mean, I have a pictures of squirrels.  This guy below LOVES to hang out by my patio, but is it as good as hers?  DSC_7059Who can say?  I mean, y’all can’t because I didn’t post her picture, but I mean…we all have our own perception of what is a good picture. What if I submit a picture of a squirrel and it loses to another squirrel?  Or I submit an art piece and it loses to street art on cardboard or paint thrown on metal slabs?  My work is definitely no better than the next person, but it is still nerve racking; especially, when that decision comes down to one person who gets to decide if you are good enough and original enough to participate.  Perception is such a cheeky little monkey and what if my work is not perceived as artsy enough?

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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dsc_4795I was going to post a soapbox post about the controversy regarding football players and the US flag, but the truth is….I just really do not care enough to weigh in.  I know that I should, but social media kills issues with memes, unoriginal thoughts, and way too many unfiltered opinions.  To each their own, but for the love….give it a rest.

I will say, we each have the right to believe what we believe and to express those beliefs in a way that works for us.  Do I think that there is a time and place…absolutely.  Do I think that place is in a football game during the National Anthem when you are a football player and have millions of eyes watching you….if you want to deal with the repercussions of that decision?  Dude, that is on you.  You know how people are and to each their own.  I know what I believe and I know what is right for me.  That is what we have to deal with.  That is what we need to worry about.

I get both sides of the argument, but truth be told…I just want to hug and squeeze wild animals.  They are a lot cuter than most people and they don’t talk so there is  less of a chance that they are going to annoy me with their endless opinions on a dead horse.  This is not to negate the situation on hand, but at some point….we can only argue about something for so long before the arguments negate and take away from the point.  That is my soapbox for the day.

(That was a little bit more soapbox than intended, which is also why I used an old picture for this post).

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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DSC_7455c3.jpgI am not sure that I have enough of them.  They never seem to work when I need them too or they work a little bit too well.  Of course, I’m not talking about the photography related filters.  That is a soapbox for another day.

I have a lot of soapboxes it seems.  Maybe if I started standing on them, they’d become less piled up.  We’ll see. Maybe eventually.

As for this picture.  I clearly was playing with some filters.  The original….it was fine. Vibrant. The light was right. I was just bored and wanted something.  I think that this is it. It is a little different and kind of cool looking. At least I think that it is.  Hope you do too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography