DSC_9787cNotice me.  I don’t know why those two words stick out in my head, but they do.  They have for days now.  As I look at my photographs. As I look at my paintings.  I think that so many of us reach that point, not just in art but in many areas of life.  I won’t go on some deep, philosophical rant.  The picture speaks for itself.  The things that matter speak for themselves.  I think that is what I’m supposed to say, right?

All I really know.  This is probably my second favorite buffalo picture from this last set.  At least out of the ones that I played around with. The original is okay.  Slight edits, but it didn’t scream “Notice me”.  No, it screamed, “Look at me I’m just like every other picture you ever took on a point and shoot? Do you even know what you are doing?”  The answer is, “of course not.”  I never know what I’m doing until it is done. I kind of like it that way.  No point. No plan….just a moment that says “notice me” and be within it.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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