Stairway to Change….

DSC_0692 (2)I’m proud of this picture. I think that it’s amazing, but all of that will probably be overshadowed by the fact that I’m going to ramble a bit.   I’m learning to be okay with this.  I’m learning to be okay with a lot of things.

I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone and get back to the girl that I use to be.   The ambitious girl that was not afraid to climb over rocks with steep drops.  Saturday I asked a gallery how one would go about getting their photography displayed in their gallery.  She told me how the sometimes exhibit other local Indiana artist for about a month and told me to send her an email.  I did, but I’ve not heard back. It has only been a couple of days, so I’m trying to not let it get to me. She asked me, though, what inspires me.   Truth be told, I didn’t know how to answer.

I told her what I think we are supposed to say.   How I wanted to share my perspective with the world. I wanted people to see things the way that I see them.  Playing it over in my head, though….I’m not even sure that I believe that cockamamie BS.  I really don’t know what inspires me.  I see something that I think is a great shot and I take a picture.  I am not sure if that is really inspiration.   I’m just not sure what inspires me or maybe I don’t know how to put it in words.  It almost seems like a necessity.

There is a fire that burns in me.  A creative one.  A restless one. A wild one.  One that burns with many flames.  One which is a creative one and burns to write, to take pictures, to create stuff, and to throw paint on canvas.  We’ve discussed many of times how I’m not good with the networking. I’m working on that.  First step, inquire about displaying photos in galleries.  Check.  In September, I plan on taking some my creations to a flea market and setting up a table.  Another thing that is out of my comfort zone.  A zone that has gotten smaller over the years, but I’m working on it.

It is all about change and I know that the path will be just as icy as some of these stairs were that I hiked in South Dakota.  Good thing, I’ve got my boots on.  I’m pretty fearless in my cowboy boots.  Guess they remind me of who I once was.   I hope each of you stays inspired and taking on those stairs of change.  There’s always something worth seeing.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

4 thoughts on “Stairway to Change….

  1. I feel the same way with regards to what inspires.I go out in my boat & If I see something or interest,I shoot it.Defiantly get a table & sell your prints! I’ve been doing that now for 15 years & haven’t looked back.
    Keep climbing those tricky stairs & gathering the fruit.

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