Deer Me,

DSC_3101bw.jpgI wonder what this picture says about me.  Is it unique enough?  Probably not.  Is it expressive of my soul?  Is it personal enough?  If the answer is no to all, do I wonder what the point is?  Do I wonder why bother continuing?

This is not self-pity.  It is more of self awareness.  Or at least finding there of that.  A friend told me that my paintings were more expressive of my soul than my photography.  It is why I cannot profit from photography.  Maybe there is a point, but are my paintings really such?  I cannot help but wonder as all I do is pour paint on to a canvas and hope for the best.

I was never really trying to be anything that I wasn’t.  I just enjoy photography. I enjoy writing and I enjoy painting.   I keep hearing how everyone is a photographer these days.  How everyone can be a painter thanks to the development of fluid painting.  Everyone’s a writer.  So, how do I stay unique and expressive in a world where it seems like everyone is trying to tell me that I’m no different than anybody else?

These are the thoughts that run through my head, but as I was typing this-I started thinking about the deer staring back at me from this picture.  Most deer look the same for those that do not pay close attention, but every deer is different.  And no deer presents the same picture or the same type of moment when seen.  Are we as people not that much different than deer?

I don’t know if my photography is truly unique.  It probably isn’t.  I don’t know if it is truly expressive of my soul. I would like to think that it is.  I was told once that you could see how much I care for animals in my pictures.  I don’t know if that is true, but I would hope that some part of me appears in my photography.  I don’t know what kind of painter I truly am?  Am I even a painter? I don’t consider myself one.  All of these things fall under the art category in some sense. So am I an artist?  That question remains open.  What I do know is that I truly enjoy all of it and I love sharing it.  Will I ever profit from any of it?  I don’t know. It shouldn’t be about the money, it should be about the love of it all.  I just hope that I’m enough like a deer that it brings enough to the table for people to notice and like my work.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

2 thoughts on “Deer Me,

  1. Hi. Let’s take a look at this, since that seems to be a big topic right now. And, because I may have had a little to do with it since I question these things all the time in myself and on Storyteller.

    First, the easy stuff. Will you profit? That’s an interesting question. And, it depends on what you mean by profit. If you mean financially, you might if you market your work beyond here and Instagram (To be sure, many image users and creatives use Instagram feeds to decided if they want to take the next step and talk to you). From a more technical perspective, tagging and keywording is essential. I have image buyers come to me because a particular page on Storyteller comes up on top of Google searches which is where people go first when they are looking to license an image. Oddly, in an visula age, words matter.

    Of course, if profit is about self expression that that’s really only something you can answer. After all, all art is autobiographical. And, most of the meaning is brought to an image by the viewer. Somewhere in that framework, your picture intersects which is why a piece of art is liked or disliked. Often times, the very best art is disliked because it makes the viewer uncomfortable.

    Yes. Today everybody takes pictures. Everybody is not a photographer. The next time you are on Instagram, scroll around. So many pictures are taken to be “instgramable,” whatever that means. Then, there are selfies, food pictures and I-was-there pictures. Concert images are the worst, and they are different than yours. You go for the music and to make pictures. Instagram pictures are mostly taken to prove the taker was there.

    Yes. No. Your pictures might not be all that different. But, an old friend of mine who worked in the business for 30 years before I got started, used to say, “there is nothing new under the sun.” It just depends on how you approach it. The deer picture on your post is a great example of that. Taken on it’s own, it is a deer in a forrest picture. But, you made it into something special that’s akin to a pencil drawing. Oh yeah, everybody can’t be a painter just because the tools exist to be one. Your expression is your expression and it comes from the inside. The tools just enable you to do that without making a mess on your kitchen table. 🙂 As I wrote on Storyteller today, anybody can layer. It appears that I’ve inspired a number of people to do that. Some work is really great. Some isn’t. But, it’s different from mine. As it should be.

    Hope that helps. Keep this conversation going. 🙂


    • I can always count on you for words of wisdom. This does actually help.

      When I said profitable, I was thinking financially. As you and I have talked about before-I’m not good with the marketing part of it all. I will definitely need to find someone to help me with that aspect eventually. If and when I’m ready to do that, I mean. I did try to tag this, but WordPress is rarely my friend and for some reason it wouldn’t actually let me add any tags. I don’t know what that was all about, so I’ll try again the next time around.

      I do see what you are saying about the “taking pictures” vs “being a photographer”. I can often see the difference and it does help for me to keep that in mind.

      Thank you for the compliments on the pictures. I was especially proud of this last batch of “trip” pictures and this was one of my favorites. I’ve always tried to remind myself that the beauty of art is all in the eyes of the beholder. Alas, we have those moments and I will probably always question it; especially on the inside. As for the painting…I can’t say that I don’t make mess. Sometimes, I get pretty messy no matter how hard I try. 🙂 But it is always an expression of myself…even I can’t deny that.

      Thank you as always for the words of wisdom. They truly are appreciated.

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