Roaming In The Cave

DSC_0036 (3)Wind Cave State park that is.  I think it is a state park and not a national one.  I could look it, but we know that I’m not going to.  It sits on the borders of Custer State park in the midst of the Black Hills.

These guys were off of my favorite old dirt road that winds through the hidden parts of Wind Cave.  Not hidden, if you are daring enough to see where all those dirt county roads lead, but alas….not everyone does.  Those roads go on for days and if you are not careful, you could end up lost.   Me, I live by the philosophy that I may not always know where I’m going, but I always know how to get back home.  It might take me a bit longer than it should, but I always find my way back.    Besides you miss out on things like this if you don’t take a chance explore.  DSC_0036 (3)rawI’ve included two versions of the same pictures, because well….I was feeling a little down.  I like to share my vacation trips and the Black Hills takes the weekly uploads and shares them for votes to declare a “best pic” of the week.  Someone that views the photos, always complains about photoshopping and editing the pictures.  They want the raw and natural picture.  I totally get that.  It just makes me feel bad, because I do tend to edit my picture through Photoshop.  I rarely make a great deal of changes, dependent on what I’m trying to do with the picture.  I mean, when I’m feeling exploratory or ambitious…I might play around with different filters and what not.  For the main part, I usually just make a few minor changes to brighten the picture up and make it pop.  This picture is an example of that.  I really just enhanced the colors. I didn’t change the colors. I didn’t add anything that wasn’t already there. Just enhanced.

The original photo (the second one) is not horrible.  It is just a raw photo and wasn’t as vibrant as the actual scene. So, I did tweak it bit to make it pop (the first one).  I would hope that would not demean what skill I have, but ….maybe I am wrong.  What are your thoughts?

Also, I hope that my ramble did not detour anyone from the pictures themselves.  My post through vacation didn’t fair well and I was unsure if my rambling had anything to do with that.  I hope not, but alas…I cannot change that.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

4 thoughts on “Roaming In The Cave

  1. You want my thoughts? Joke ’em if they can’t take a %#&@. Seriously, let me remind you of what I always say. Every great photographer throughout history did whatever they could to make THEIR picture be whatever they wanted it to be. Gene Smith used to spend hours in the dark late at night dodging and burning and retouching. The great St. Ansel created an entire system — the Zone System — that was made to help him make the physical picture the way that he saw it. One his most famous works — Moonrise – was some heavily reworked in the darkroom that you wouldn’t recognize the original version of you saw it.

    So there. 🙂


  2. I think photographers are the authors of their work, just as writers are. Two writers would tell the same story in a different way – with edits and wordy tricks and highlights – and they’d create something unique to their vision. Photographers can and should edit and highlight and play with their images – it’s a creative drive, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
    As for the photographs, I like them both, but the first does have more impact and likely better represents what you wanted to convey. Plus, buffalo, what’s not to like?!

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    • Right? How can you not like buffalo? And thank you. The first one does better represent what I wanted to convey. What I actually saw and wanted others to see. I also know that you are right with what you say about the rest.


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