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Tear Drops….

DSC_6645Okay, so they are not tear drops.  Of course not.  I mean, a tree-hugging flower child might tell you that flowers can cry.  Maybe they can, we don’t really know.  However, in this case…it is just rain drops.

Beautiful rain drops left upon the petals of some fallen flowers after last week’s hail storm.   One of the many beautiful sights that was left in the aftermath.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Roses Are Red

DSC_4992.jpgAt least this ‘Rose’ is.  This beautiful girl, she’ll be leaving…eventually.  She has been purchased by a little girl.  I will keep my opinions to myself.  Rosie and her sister Grace were brought to the farm long ago from a bad, bad, bad situation.  My understanding is, they’ve been together almost all their lives and now they will be separated.  Gracie still needs a home, I might give her one just to ensure nothing happens to her but that is a serious responsibility.  They’re both beautiful girls and just need love.  I just want them to get the right kind….and some people are usually just about the business end, if you know what I mean.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Soldier Row…

DSC_6426Civil War soldiers that is and this is only a very small portion.  This area, designated to soldiers of the Civil War, extended beyond the range of my camera (and time).  They extend beyond the trees and way behind me.  Union and Confederate alike.  This resting place, Kentucky.

I forget the name of the cemetery, but it was large enough you need a map to navigate through and it takes more than and hour or so.  Colonel Sanders rest here.  Yes, the Kentucky Fried Chicken colonel.  A magician and many others long passed away.  As always, though, it was the Civil War soldiers, I wanted to see.

It didn’t have the impact on me like the one in Virginia, but my heart ached just the same.  I found it odd that only the union soldiers had since had their headstones upgraded.  I’m sure there not a story behind that, but I found it odd just the same.  I’ll save my other pictures for another day.  I have so many.

For now I will just leave you with this one.  It is time for me to go to bed, but I hope you have a beautiful today and even more so tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Hail Storm…..


Literally and figuratively.  Figuratively first……

I have been under a hail storm of busyness the last few weeks.  Between work, school, figuring out living situations, and photography….I’ve not had time to breathe.  Yes, I did say photography there.

The farm I work for has a therapian program for mentally challenged, disabled, and veterans.  In May, they have what they call the Derby Ball, which I think is basically like a fundraising and awareness event.  They asked me to take pictures of the riders for them to use at that event.  This has become a greater task then what I originally imagined.  Between weather and everything else that I have going on….I feel like I’m just being hit with golf size hail balls.

Speaking of which….

DSC_6648Yes, hail and lots of it.   Little jerks.  Yesterday, it hailed for a good 10-20 minutes.  I’m giving that kind of range, because I’m not entirely sure how long it started hailing before I realized it.  I’m no stranger to hail.  Growing up in Oklahoma, you know what hail is. That is just the way it works.  However, since moving to Indiana (the first time), hail isn’t something you really notice…even though it does hail.  It is usually light enough that it is not even a blimp on the radar.  So, I didn’t think anything of it until I started hearing it on my window.

DSC_6605It sounded like someone was chucking rocks, so I looked. Saw nothing.  Then it became louder and more consistent.  Oh, yes, I know that sound now.  Naturally, I did what any good old Okie would do…I went outside. Ha! Well, I went partially outside until it completely stopped, which was a good 10 minutes or so after I first opened the door. And that hail….it gave a whole new meaning to hail storm.  Pinging off of the porch railing. Bouncing off the house.  Off my car….my poor, poor car.  Sliding off the roof and hitting so hard that it was bouncing off the ground.   It was pretty amazing….you know except for the damage that it did and can cause.
DSC_6633It was quite mesmerizing and it took forever for it to melt away. I took advantage of it.   I have always been a fan of storms.  Maybe it is the Okie in me, but the power that they have. The destruction they can cause.  It is all mesmerizing and terrifying at the same time, I think.

Anyway, that is about all I have for today.  I’ve still got a crazy amount of things to accomplish.  I hope that you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  And that you enjoy the pictures of the beautiful aftermath of a hail storm.

Montana Rose Photography