Soldier Row…

DSC_6426Civil War soldiers that is and this is only a very small portion.  This area, designated to soldiers of the Civil War, extended beyond the range of my camera (and time).  They extend beyond the trees and way behind me.  Union and Confederate alike.  This resting place, Kentucky.

I forget the name of the cemetery, but it was large enough you need a map to navigate through and it takes more than and hour or so.  Colonel Sanders rest here.  Yes, the Kentucky Fried Chicken colonel.  A magician and many others long passed away.  As always, though, it was the Civil War soldiers, I wanted to see.

It didn’t have the impact on me like the one in Virginia, but my heart ached just the same.  I found it odd that only the union soldiers had since had their headstones upgraded.  I’m sure there not a story behind that, but I found it odd just the same.  I’ll save my other pictures for another day.  I have so many.

For now I will just leave you with this one.  It is time for me to go to bed, but I hope you have a beautiful today and even more so tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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