In All Her “Sassiness”

DSC_3306.jpgThis is girl.  Sassy.  That is her name and she is something else.  The poor girl was an indoor cat (I’m assuming for the most part).  Her owner moved in with his girlfriend where animals are not allowed, so they brought her out to the barn where I tend horses.  I worried at first, but she is making herself at home.

She doesn’t always like to be touched, but for the most part she likes to be loved on.  She is missing most of her tail.  The story is that she got bit by something, an opossum I think.  It got infected and this was the consequence.   Because of that…she doesn’t let you touch her tail and you can barely scratch her bum.  She’s a wallow-er anyway.  You know…the ones that like to be petted and yet like to move all over the place as you do it.  She’s something else.  And oh so pretty.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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