Waylon, Willie, and the Boys…

DSC_0534.jpgNot actually.  I’ve missed the opportunity to ever see Waylon, Merle, Johnny, or George.  And truth be told, I’ve never actually been a Willie fan.  I don’t know what it is.  I like some of his duets and he has one song that I will tolerate listening to, but I’ve never been a fan.   I know…the audacity!  Sorry, hate me if you must.

These boys are Montgomery Gentry and then the guy in the middle.  I sadly don’t remember his name.  He was good, though.  This picture is from months ago.  I was bored and decided to revisit some pictures that I didn’t get around to posting.   I also played around with it a bit, because I didn’t love the original pic.  I don’t necessary love this one, but I do like the way that it looks.  Hope you do too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

6 thoughts on “Waylon, Willie, and the Boys…

    • I did actually know that, yes. And I don’t really know what it is about him. I don’t mind jazz, I just…don’t do Willie. As for the ones that I like, mainly the ones that he did with Waylon. I didn’t hate the one he did with Toby Keith or the one with Leann Womack, but those two border more on the tolerance than like. These are just the ones that I’ve heard. I’m sure his duets extend way beyond my knowledge of such.


      • He’s played duets with everybody. You might like him more with the Highwayman of which Waylon was a part. Or, you might like his sons’ band, The Promise of the Real. They often tour as Neil Young’s backing band so they get a little more on the rock of side of things. And, they can play. Whew.

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      • I know of the Highwaymen. Can’t really know of Waylon, Willie, and the boys without having heard the group, but that could just be my own high expectations at play. I do appreciate his talent, it just isn’t for me. I will check out his son’s band.


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