dsc_2916That is not actually her name.  No, her name is Janis.  Janis Joplin.  I just call her Buggy.  It just started one day, because she is so tiny she reminds me of a little bug.  Then there is a saying, “Cute as a bug in a rug.”  Cute as a bug in a rug?  The more I say that in my head, the more I wonder if that truly is a compliment.  I mean, I guess maybe if you are a bug person, but I’m not.  Hate bugs.

Let me rephrase that.  There are very few bugs that I choose to have anything to do with.  Being as outdoorsy as I am, I have an acceptance and an appreciation for their role….but as a girly girl.  I can’t stand bugs; especially, the kind that jump AND fly.  No.  Just no.  Grasshoppers are my nemesis.  They are shifty and I don’t trust them.  Nope.  Absolutely not.

This little bug, though…I love her.  She is just so stinkin’ cute.  I hope you think so too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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