Remnants of….

dsc_2277Of the angry.  At least that is what this reminds me of.  And…isn’t that what a psychologist would say?  That the person that did this is showing signs of aggression.  Signs that they have no respect for authority or rules.  No moral concept of what is right and wrong.  That they hate the world around them and they’re coping mechanism is to be destructive.  Maybe that is just what my psychoanalytical brain is saying.

Some of which really goes without saying.  Clearly the person that did this doesn’t have a lot of respect.  I mean, what right did they have to go destroy this motel.  Of course why was the furniture left there to be destroyed?  That is a soapbox for another post, so I digress.

We’re all a little rebellious, so I really cannot knock them for going in there.  I mean, if I wasn’t a rule breaker…well, I never would have gotten this shot, but there is still a level of respect I think.  I would never destroy and make my presence known.  Much like when I go camping, leave no trace.  So, this also shows their age, I think.  I have no doubt it was teenagers, or slightly above. It doesn’t matter, though. The damage is done.

As I think back now to when I was walking around, it makes me sad.  It reminds me of how all those “post apocalyptic” movies indicate our future.  The cities we’ve known trashed and destroyed.  This motel would have been the perfect site for one of those scenes.  Is this an indication of our future?  This and the many other buildings that have been abandoned and trashed?  I guess whatever happens is inevitable, but I’m just hoping for zombies….at least those I know how to beat.
I hope you all have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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