Barbed Wire Heart….

DSC_5416.jpgI posted this picture on Facebook with a long ramble.  One that over the time it took for me to write…well, I’m not sure if my point got across. I thought about deleting, but I am going to leave it.  I’m big on “if you want to read it, do so, and if not…well, then don’t”.  That is the thought that I’m going to go with here as well.  What does that mean?  Well, I’m going to ramble.  Will it be as long as the one on Facebook….I seriously hope not, but when the words start flowing….it is like a dam that just had the flood gates opened.  I suppose that is something any writer knows.  We also know that is what is taken from what is written….it is all with the eyes of the reader.

With that said, let me begin by proposing the question that I proposed on my Facebook post:  What do you see?  When you look at this picture, what do you see?  A picture that almost looks like a painting?  The blues, the blacks, and the yellowish-browns that make up the barbed wire?  The browns, yellows, and greens that make up the back drop?  What do you see?  Do you see a heart with a sharp edge? Do you see a heart twisted up and bounded, pulled in different directs?  Or do you just see barbed wire?  Do you want to know what I see?  Probably not, but I’m going to share anyway.

I see all of the above.  A painting that isn’t what it seems, because it is not a painting at all.  The vibrant colors that make this picture so appeal.  I see a beautiful piece of metal twisted up and bound into something that probably only I can see.  I see that heart with the sharp edge, sharp point.  I see that heart that is all twisted up and bounded being pulled up in a million different directions.  I see that barbed wire.  The barbed wire that was put there to deter animals and people from getting out and from getting in.  I also see the beauty that all of it entails.

Beauty?  She’s nuts!  Yes, I probably am…just a bit.  I could blame the drugs, but I rarely even take aspirin.  I blame it on the fresh air and a world that is quite ugly….unless we truly look.  Truly pay attention.  It also helps that I know there are horses on the other side of this particular barbed wire, but even if there wasn’t….I’d see the beauty, because I see the heart of it all.  Did you like what I did there?
Hearts a fragile thing.  They seem so simple when they are indeed so very complex.  They so easily get twisted up and bounded, pulled in a million directions.   They can become so damaged.  So broken.  So…jagged.  They become barbed wire.  Of course, I am speaking from a metaphoric sense and not literally.  The physiological basis of a heart….well, I struggled with Anatomy and Physiology in nursing school, I’m even going to begin to touch base on it here.  I will say that, “Broken Heart Syndrome”…it is a real thing, but I digress.

Where was I?  Oh, barbed wire hearts.  When we are broken and damaged, we go into survivor mode.  Our hearts become barbed wire to deter and to protect.   Unfortunately, this also divides us from others…often unintentionally and that is speaking from experience.  However, there is also something beautiful about those barbed wire hearts.  Not all of them. No, but there are a lot of beautiful hearts.  Ones we never see because of our own barbed wire hearts.

The hippie in me wants to say, “give peace a chance”, but the reality is…just see the beauty where others see barbed wire.  People are scared for a reason.  People fear for a reason.  Walk down that barbed wire until you find a way through.  See the beauty…find the beauty.  In a world that is divided by the people who should want to fix it.  See the beauty, find the beauty, share the beauty.

I’ve gotten lost in my thought, but now… I realize that there is a lot of demanding going on and not really a lot of explanation.  Not a lot of showing. Just a lot of talking. Yelling. Show people the beauty. Show people what you see. Help them understand.  Isn’t that the appropriate way to get through to someone?  To show them? To explain to them?  To help them understand your view?  Sometimes all people see is the barbed wire.  They never really see what is on the other side.  Find the beauty.  See the beauty.  Live the beauty.
WOW…that got seriously free-spirited and flower child like…I could apologize, but I’m not going to.  Barbed wire, isn’t just barbed wire.  It can be molded into things that are pretty amazing.  So can hearts when handled correctly.  At least, I believe they can.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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